Wednesday 27 February 2013



What is your understanding of electronic contract manufacturing (ECM)? Also known as electronic manufacturing services (EMS), this term is commonly used to describe companies that execute designing, testing, manufacturing, distributing and repair provision services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), thus saving precious time and cost for the manufacturer to expedite the processes of their productions. In short, ECM companies are the providers or subcontractors of major electronic companies, supplying customized components and services to ease the productions of their clientele. 

Basically these electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) companies would provide high quality one-stop resourced turnkey electronics manufacturing services of low to large volume products, to small and medium size businesses. Such design, engineering and PCB assembly services are provided for a variety of industries such as the telecommunications, industrial, medical and avionics sectors. Some complex printed board assemblies as found in the telecommunication and computer areas, sensors, medical & dental electronics, require a high level of accuracy and aero PCB products. These are some of the items ECM companies have been servicing all along. 

Depending on the nature of your business, each company has their own set of various quality standards and regulatory requirements. In case you need to have some products to view, you can always check with BESTProto, one of the best known and experienced pcb assembly manufacturer on the market, with the proven reliability and trustworthy record to meet your requirements. Their services include electronic assembly services, wire & cable harnesses, PCB design & layout services, PCB repair services, quick turn PCB assembly, quick turn electronics assembly, special services, box builds, inspection & testing, repairs & reverse logistics and more. Whether it be a small quantity of PCB assemblies or even just a one board piece, you will be surprised in how they will excel beyond your expectations.

Thursday 21 February 2013



In a competitive business world, generating a steady flow of profits to strengthen the pillars of your businesses won’t be easy if you do not have strong relationships with your clients. Generally, that’s what Heather Ferguson, Principal of Whale Communications Ltd. & Producer/Host of Sonar Moment had in mind on the success of building a business.

Through my personal experience, what she said is indeed so true. Other than customers’ satisfaction, building the trust relationship between you and your client would eventually bring more business to any company. If your products or services are of top quality and your endless commitment and responsibility are on par with the needs of your consumers, you are on the right track to move up the business success ladder.

Since the birth of my business, I practically do not have to bid for additional projects to sustain my livelihood, because I have been recommended by most of my existing clients to many new and potential clients throughout my business career. Basically, whatever a client needed would fall back to the trust they have in your company to come out with a satisfying result that meets their deadlines, even though it is in a limited period of time.

There are many rules in building a successful business. The main rule would be to build the trust relationships between you and your client. Don’t over commit what you can’t deliver, and be authentic about what you can offer. Even though your client might be difficult, you should still show your respect and professionalism in getting the job done well. Be in control of your own company and be up to date on the newest technologies that will increase the chances of you maintaining your place in your industry for a long time to come. After all, every deal made should be a win-win deal for both parties.

You can visit the site for more information on how this company has helped others in managing trust relationships to acquire new business, retain current business and build referral business. Learn a bit more on how to be successful in your business from some of the Sonar Moment’s monthly interviews shown below: 

Interview with Sage Baker, Founder & CEO, Q5 Innovations Inc.:

Interview with Scott Phillips, President, StarFish Medical:

It's my understanding that there will be more to come, and I look forward to cashing in on the successes and experience of others and their journey to success.

Tuesday 19 February 2013



I’m sure everyone has gone through the scenario of group studies at one time or another in our lives. What did we do then? We spent most of our time travelling to and back from a destination where we were to meet up with school mates for those group studies. Not only was the whole duration a waste of time in traveling but also a waste of money. The generation today is definitely more fortunate with the advancement in internet technology. They can now make conference calls all within the comfort of their home while discussing their projects through multicast communications, a medium that will connect a sender to many receivers.

Making conference calls of course won’t be free and it comes with a small price to pay. With so many other packages available on the market, it would be beneficial to know which company would be the best to engage, in order to save on costs. It’s not about getting the cheapest package around. It’s all about getting one that is affordable and yet has good quality audio visual without interrupting your communications with the other parties. Don’t you hate it when you are in the middle of discussing a major project and the line just cuts off suddenly? I’m sure you would agree on my point of view to engage a company who is reliable and won’t burn your pocket with exorbitant charges.

Instead of jamming up your computer with more downloads of software to enable you to communicate, I found one that required no download of any software which would be applicable to both Windows and Macintosh platforms. All you need to do is to sign up online and a dedicated toll free dial in access number and pass codes will be sent to you for immediate usage. It is so hassle-free that you would be able to start your conference call without any delay. 

You can visit the site for more information on how to manage your conference call with the many features available. Not only would this be a service that would be useful for your studies, it would also be great for your future businesses as you move into the corporate world. Having presentations, seminars, weekly meetings, lectures, in-house training sessions from dispersed locations, and it would be accomplished with only a matter of a few clicks.

Tuesday 12 February 2013



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your website displayed on the front page of various search engines on the internet. Thus, when you increase website traffic it will benefit you in terms of readerships with potential buying power into your businesses. It may sound easy but it’s all hard work with your commitment to provide consistent useful content, that will boost the number of loyal readers coming to your website. Moreover, you will need to spread your posts through social networks and/or other websites with much effort. If you are in niche target readers, it will be even tougher to drive in the right traffic.

To increase web traffic, it’s not about only building your back links, whether internally or externally. Google might not like it too, if you've over-linked too much internally and you might get penalized by them based on their strict regulations. Theoretically, the safest mode would be to improve your internet presence by offering genuine, unique and quality content on a regular basis that will get your readers to link you automatically. Most importantly, your tags must be in place with the right keywords for a better search. 

Not everyone is doing full time writing. Thus, you might want to bring in external writers to keep up with the content flow on your website. Of course, a small token fee might be needed unless the writer is willing to do that for you free with an exchange link, in which it would be quite beneficial for you to draw in more traffic. However, it would be advisable to write your post personally as you are in control of what your website is all about. Add some videos in as well as it has been proven that good videos such as step-by-step presentations, can improve conversions and page ranking more than just filling up the space with mere photos. Avoid plagiarism by all means, as this will tarnish your trust with your readers. Once you are widely known as a “copy cat”, no one will visit your website anymore. 

There are still many ways to improve your website traffic, but make sure that they are legitimate ones. Keep things short and simple as a cluttered website with lots of unnecessary graphics, especially those animated ones, might slow down the loading time and chase readers away. In order to get more web traffic, you might want to engage a reputable and reliable SEO expert to look into the possibilities. You might want to see products here for a better website future.



Almost every company surely needs some sort of security measures to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering secured areas that are off limits to the general public. Therefore, you will see many multi-national corporations issuing custom name badges for their employees for easy access throughout their premises. 

Badges come not only as ID badges for the employees; but they can also come in many forms for visitors such as a Security badge for inter-departmental passes, visitors, vendors, contractors and more, depending on the needs of the company. The Security badge may come simply or with a number of security features such as magnetic stripes, barcodes or with just simple running serial numbers. On top of that, there are many clippings available to avoid damages to the clothes such as lanyards, chains, reels, grippers, etc. 

Sometimes, getting an external supplier to produce your Security badge can be quite a hassle and might not be a great move for some corporations who want to have a super strict security. Thus, the ideal way for more secured badges would be by producing them in-house, most preferably by the Human Resource Department.

The Beresford Company would be one of those companies with a wide selection of equipment for all your security needs. They have the right ID Badging Systems for your needs, from basic software to design your badges, up to many small accessories. Products available would include ID Card Printers, ID Card Ribbons, Badge Holders, Design-A-Lanyard, Blank Cards, NetBadge (Online Badging), Lanyards & Chains, Retractable Card Reels, Strap Clips/Grippers, Software, ID Accessories, Cameras & Accessories, Smart Cards, Readers and Scanners, Gift/Loyality & Pre-Printed Cards, Laminating Supplies and many other cool stuff.  

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