Monday 17 August 2009


UPDATED 8.15pm: Thank goodness the 28 years old lady driver survived the death blow but was pinned to her car for 35 minutes before the firemen managed to saw off the metals surrounding her.

So what if you are the “TAIKO”? It does not mean that you can be the “KING” and bully whoever you don’t like. There are still driving rules and courtesy you should follow and now what else can you do but regret your whole life when lives were involved??!! I wondered what had happened to the mentality of some of those big vehicle drivers. Each time I came across one while driving, I really had the cold sweat facing them; not because of those beefy tattooed body but the way those drivers were driving. They just do not care about the safety of anyone anymore. This incident happened today along the heavy trafficked expressway within the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, Penang around 2.00pm involving a garbage truck and four other vehicles.


With all the policemen, rescue personnel, ambulances, firemen and the squeaking and drilling sound of the electric saw, it was not a sight to stay put for a long time as I was afraid that it might just spoil my appetite for the day but I was tempted to take the photos an hour later after the ambulance, etc had left the accident site. The first car from the pile up accident was lucky as it was just rammed onto the pavement by the mini lorry but what worried me was the car that was barely recognizable, badly squashed within the high impact of the garbage truck. From the look of the impact, why was the garbage truck driving so fast while nearing a traffic light junction? The driver must be out of his mind!


I doubt that the victim(s) of the white would have survived the impact. Let’s hope there would be a miracle in sight at that moment. To the victims of the incident, my deepest sympathy and I would pray hard that there would be survivals instead…


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