Tuesday 20 November 2012



With the advancement in Internet technologies, more and more users are now communicating through text-based messages, voice and video chat simultaneously. Not only is the service in real-time point-to-point communications between two persons, it also caters to multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. So, more and more individuals as well as corporate businesses are utilizing this service to hold an audio conference and/or web conference such as presentations, seminars, weekly meetings, lectures, in-house trainings and so on from dispersed locations. 

Of course such a convenience minus the expenses of bringing everyone in to meet up at one specific location comes with a small price. Most service providers have their own rates. Even making conference calls on Skype can cost a lot monthly and it could be quite harsh on the monthly expenses in smaller businesses. Therefore, a more affordable package with the same quality of conference calls and web conferencing services would be a great solution for everyone. Wouldn't you want to save more by paying just a small fraction of your monthly bill for communication? 

Zip Conferencing was created for that purpose with more features than ever. Upon signing up, you receive a dedicated toll free dial in access number and pass codes for immediate usage. No software download is required and the service is compatible for both PCs and MACs. It’s indeed hassle-free with many extra features to put you in total control of your conferences.

The best part about signing up with Zip Conferencing is that it is commitment free. You only pay when you use the service. Moreover, you get your first 60 minutes free of charge. You can click here to check out more on their top quality conferencing packages at the lowest rates. Tweet this to share this inexpensive mode of communication with your family and friends. I’m sure everyone will be more than happy to be in contact more often at affordable rates.

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