Thursday 28 February 2008


I went to a Chinese New Year Street Party in Penang recently and managed to shoot some unexplained shots. There were flying orbs almost everywhere. Most of them are in blur white light forms but you can also see some in pinkish or bluish in some of the photos. I have checked with some of the experts and some said it was due to dust or bugs but are they the real answers to the mysterious flying orbs? Some of my reader even said those are deities or ghosts. Maybe you can give me your point of view (you can click on the 3 photos below to view a larger photo).




These 3 photos are real mysterious. I took few more shots few steps later and at other dimmer areas but those orbs disappeared. You can see the normal shots below.





Wednesday 27 February 2008



I would think that many of you are aware that the sex scandal of ex-pop star Edison Chen which had caused quite a stir in the Hong Kong entertainment world. It is no longer safe to even send your computer for any repairs without the technicians freely accessing your most private files in your computer. What would you do to protect yourself from the unauthorized access then?

I am going to share with you one unique software that will easily help you to hide files that you do not want anybody to peek in. Not even your colleagues, housemates or any strangers that get access to your computer would be able to view your hidden files without having the right password. Hide Photos ™ is the name of the software. With a minimal amount to purchase, you can avoid getting unnecessary embarrassment from unauthorized viewing to your most private photos or files.

Why is this software better than the rest of the password-protected ZIP or RAR archive? It is surely better as in user-friendliness and easy usage. All you need to do is to drag and drop your private pictures to Hide Photos ™ and it will keep them secure forever. Still not convince? Well, you can download the free evaluation to test it out yourself without making any purchases today.



There were two prominent politicians battling it out in public to win the support of the people. Both of them had a huge turnout during their public speeches. Mr. X has been known to have helped many people from the poor-stricken community in seeking aids in food supplies, education as well as basic needs. On the other hand, Mr. Y has countless times promised that he would build many low cost houses to replace the badly worn out houses of the people. He even promised the people that there would be new job opportunities for them to sustain their lives and new roads to replace the filled with potholes ones.

As Mr. X finished his speech, there were lots of applauses. Mr. X was contented with the responses he got. When Mr. Y ended his speech, all the people stood up with some putting up their hands aggressively and shouting “Wala! Wala!” Mr. Y was pleased with the reactions he got from the people as it showed that he was getting more supports from the community than Mr. X. In his mind, it will be a sure win for him. The people love him a lot. Mr. X was stunned but was seen to be smiling quietly.

As Mr. Y was walking through the red sanded path towards his car, more people were shouting “Wala! Wala!” Suddenly, someone grabbed him aside. He was shocked and asked the guy why he did that? The guy pointed to a big pile of bullshit on the ground and said, “Wala Wala!” Mr. Y almost fainted.

Now you know who you should vote for during the election? Vote not for the party banner but for those who really understand your needs and able to assist you well. If a politician does not understand your language well, it is nothing but “Bullshit” to what they have promised. Think smart when you vote this coming 8th March 2008! Good Luck!

Tuesday 26 February 2008



It has been a hectic week with lots of projects with tight deadlines in your hands. You suddenly remembered an important date, an event or a celebration and you just do not have the time and ability to personally go out to get the person(s) any gifts. You get into a panicky situation wondering who will be available to assist you out but you found none. Well, have you ever thought of sending them some beautifully arranged flowers? Regardless of the occasion, flowers do brighten up the days of anybody.

E-Florist is one of the best around with the proven track record of delivering quality floral designs to anywhere within the United States and Canada, freshly and promptly. You just name the place, whether it is in a cruise ship, an apartment, a hotel or even an office and their professional handlers will ensure that the flowers get delivered on time. You can also rest assure that those flowers will arrive fresh as they are arranged and delivered from their florist nearest to the recipient’s neighborhood. E-Florist has the confidence to do the job well with more than 140 branches in their network throughout the two countries.

If you could not meet up for the occasion, let the flowers speak for themselves. There are many types of blossom you can request for and all of them come either potted or artistically arranged in beautifully designed vases. Can you imagine that you do not even have to worry about finding the right vase for the flowers you received? E-Florist does provide more than 120 floral arrangements for you to choose from. You can even custom ordered your preferences by calling their hotline or email them through their customer support center.


So what would you like to send today? Would you want to send something fresh, colorful and fun such as the Teleflora New Baby Bear for welcoming a new baby into the world or the Field of Roses to make a lady in all smiles? You can even send an exotic potted Bromeliad to brighten up someone’s workplace or a Large Basket Garden for a house warming party. There are just so many options and you can even add on other items such as chocolates, balloons and teddy bears to name a few.

Monday 25 February 2008



I do not how I ended up here but I am here now. I am the new KIT on the block! What is my name? Just call me Jeremy. In Hebrew, it means God’s Exalts, having the high rank, power, dignity and highly praised by many.


From now on, I shall be dominating this blog as well as in a few others. You want to know why? Because I am cute… cuter than the rest! I am the new Garfield…King Jeremy Garfield, the conqueror of cats and kittens! … hehehehe… (evil meow~~)

Sunday 24 February 2008



Many people have the tendencies to say that the best moment of their life has yet to come. When it actually comes, they would be in panicky situations to decide what would be the best gift for their soul mates to signify their true love. This is the time when a man has to put on his courage shoes to propose to his other half with a signification gift of true love. What would be the ideal gift? You may consider giving her one of the best engagement rings available in the market.

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Cost does play an important part of any wedding couples’ milestones into a married life but none will save on the once in a lifetime symbol of love – the wedding rings. There are many types of rings available from off the shelves designs to custom-made ones. You might want to consider having a pair of 18ct yellow and white gold combination rings or you can easily opt for diamond studded yellow or white gold rings. In the case that you might want to consider simplicity, you may choose plain rings made out of platinum, yellow or white gold.

Would you not feel great to be able to touch the heart of your love with a sparkle during these special occasions? Jump in now to make these moments the most memorable ones in your life.

Saturday 23 February 2008



This week’s theme is on WOODEN.
This is one WOODEN product that we can hardly see nowadays.
WOODEN matchsticks are now fading out of our modern life
as they are slowly replaced by disposable butane-filled lighters.
Surprisingly, this company is still producing them in a small WOODEN box.
Even those in cardboard boxes are hard to find as collectibles now.


This is what I will do when I have a box of WOODEN matches in my hand.
I will play mind boggling games with my friends.
It sure kept their minds active and more alert.
What about you?
Would you like to have an active and alert mind this weekend?
You can try this test out with either WOODEN matchsticks or toothpicks.
The rule is simple.
Unscramble the WOODEN matchsticks and make the SIX triangles into NINE.
Happy trying out and no cheating please… hehe


How’s your analytical skill?
Did you manage to solve the WOODEN matchsticks puzzle?
Well, this is just a straightforward puzzle
and you do not need much thinking at all.
If you have decided to give up and would want to know the answer,
Just click on the WOODEN matchsticks photo above
and it will lead you to the answer. :P


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Friday 22 February 2008



Most of us are bored with the regular “lepak”ing in Mamak stalls or McDonald’s. Where would you go if you feel like spending your time with friends at a new location? Oh My God! Not the sandy beaches or the mosquitoes infested hilly places again where you might meet up with an unexpected “stranger”. I dare you to go into the deep jungle, swarmed with head hunting tribes. They would not chop off your head but will still kill you eventually… kill you with the nice atmosphere and light mumbo jumbo music of theirs.

Welcome to Jemputree! This is a village in the heart of Georgetown that provides good ambience, nice jungle feel, and spacious areas for your jungle experience. You can even stay in the treehouses that they have provided for you at a minimal price. You pay for the food and beverages and you get to stay until 2.00am in the morning. You can have a variety of Malay, Western and Oriental food to choose from.

Are you now impressed and would like to find out more on the latest night spot in Penang? Click onto the treehouse photo above to read on…



I never knew that there are so many interesting things which I can learn online until I came across an online marketing and web development blog called Banner Blindness Inc. Not only did I get useful marketing information on the happenings around the cyber world, I also got some good advices on the pros and cons of some of the services available and ways to boost up the traffics for my websites.

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Another post which I like is on how to create an effective e-mail creative. The email marketing post explained the right way to send out email creatives that in return are effective and having high click-through rate? In short, an email creative must be colorful and tactful in using short sweet words to captivate the attention of the viewers.

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Tuesday 19 February 2008



The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday.
Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.

This is the first time the triplets Janice, Jayson and Justin are having their grand bath since their birth 47 days ago and all of them do not look so happy. Jayson kept purring that he is clean. Justin looked as if he was about to faint. Janice being the eldest of them all began to cry pathetically.


After half an hour of pestering them to move to the bathroom, the trio still insisted that they are absolutely clean but are they? I can still see some milk stains on all their faces. Unfortunately, I have to carry all of them into the bathroom for a nice warm bath with special medicated kitten shampoo.


After wiping and blowing them dry, the triplets were in a real playful mood. Justin began to check on everybody to make sure that they are clean from head to paws. Jayson was the unlucky one to have one spot left on his ear that needed immediate cleaning. Janice came in and dragged Jayson’s leg to get him in for a second bath…. Haha!
In fact, all of them had a wonderful bath. The next time, I shall be sourcing for a rubber “mousey” for them to play in the tub! :P


Saturday 16 February 2008



If you mention the word “money”, you would have noticed that most people especially students who want to earn a bit more to subsidize their education fees would have their eyes wide open. The main problem they are facing is that they do not know how they can relieve their financial worries through the internet. I have reviewed many websites and found some good advices in, a blog that talk all about online marketing, design, domain and blogging.

The baby of two online marketers, John Davis and Anthony Feint, they are willing to share some of their trade secrets on how to make money blogging. In one of the latest posts, there are points on how to make money online using free blogs without worrying about hosting, domain or bandwidth fees. There are even tips on how to fully utilize other free blogs as spin-offs which will not only generate traffics to the main blog but also for your spin-off blogs. After all, it is through traffics that will generate more readerships as well as creating more opportunities for you to make that extra income.

In case you are all together new in the money making business, you might want to learn up a few tips and tricks on how to set your first step into the blogosphere and also the Do and Don’t in setting up your website. There is also an alternative solution mentioned in the website that might help some of those who were hard hit by the G-Bomb and would like to recover their losses by means of engaging another potential service such as ScratchBack.

Even if you are not so keen in blogging your life away but would like to consider investing in domains and selling them off as part of your internet investment plans, you could always refer to their advice on the flipping game. Who knows that what you paid for with a few dollars might make your pocket grow a few hundreds or thousands dollars richer?

If you find the website interesting and would like to be updated with the latest tips and tricks, you can always add to their feed or even add the link to your browser for future references.



This week’s theme is on FREE.
Our local Cathay Cineplexes are having some promotions
for the first half of the year.
They are giving out FREE coupons to redeem
FREE movie passes, food & beverages and gift items.
Here are some of the FREE coupons.



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Thursday 14 February 2008


“It has been a boring Valentine’s Day with no dates, no good animal shows and having to stay at home with a bottle of alcoholic fruit drink in my hand... errr... paws,” said Jonathan. At least I still get some glamor out of it… haha :P


Thanks Deana and her cute gang for awarding Jonathan for the Funniest Valentine Photo in the 2008 Toonces and Rollie Valentine Contest based on cuteness, sweetness, personality and fun. It is an honor to be selected amongst the dozens of photos submitted. Even Jonathan would like to send his warmest thanks to you guys.


The triplets Janice, Jayson and Justin on the other hand were also surprised to find out that their Papa emerged as a winner. There are still too young to be in this limelight yet at only 40 days old. Who knows, they might outshined their Papa in the future?


Jessica also felt surprised as she was too busy taking care of what was left behind by the earlier actions of her so called hubby Jonathan aka Romeo aka Casanova who are still having late nights partying daily.


Bubble was walking up and down grumbling that I did not submit his photos for the contest. Oops…it was my mistake to overlook! Sorry Bubble…next time dear! :P




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Friday 8 February 2008



This week’s theme is on HEAVY.
Let’s have something way out of the box this week.
“I’m HEAVY,” said the egg with a sad face.


You all don’t believe I’m HEAVY?
Can’t you see that I’m HEAVY in that glass?


Gosh! I’m so HEAVY that I could barely float in the water.


Don’t worry… a bit of magic in my hand
will make me not so HEAVY
and float in the water… hehe :P


Here is a secret on how the egg can float.
I have stirred two teaspoons of salt into the glass of water.
Adding salt to the water puts more molecules into the water to make it denser.
The more salt you add, the denser the water becomes.
Finally it becomes denser than the egg.
This makes the egg float.


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Thursday 7 February 2008



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Tuesday 5 February 2008


The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gather
and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday.
Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.


The Chinese Calendar is calculated based on the 10 Heavenly Stems (Yin-Yang + 5 Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and 12 Earthly Branches (12 Chinese Zodiac animals) system as far back as 2697 B.C. Yang represents odd number and male whereas Yin represents even numbers and female. Therefore you can see that the odd numbers in the Chinese Zodiac animals sequence are male Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog.

The 10 Heavenly Stems in order are Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water. The 12 Earthly Branches in order are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. Combined together they formed a cycle of 60 counting systems for the Chinese Calendar, starting with Wooden Rat and ending with Water Pig.

Here is why the Rat ranked as the number one spot in the 12 Zodiac animals based on a folklore story that has been passed down from generations to generations. The Heavenly God wanted to choose 12 animals for the Chinese Calendar and decided to hold a race. The first 12 positions will determine the sequence of the calendar. All the animals chose their best runner for the event.

On the day of the race, Rat’s good friend, the forgetful Cat asked Rat about the time. The Rat purposely gave the Cat the wrong time to minus out one unnecessary competitor. During the race, the smart Rat jumped onto the horn of the Ox while crossing a river. As the Ox approached the river bank, the Rat jumped down and was declared the first place. Now you know why Cats have never stopped their revenges on Rats until today. :P

The Chinese New Year this year belongs to the Brown Male Earth Rat, which falls on 7 February 2008. Check out your Chinese Zodiac sign here. For further information, here are the Chinese New Year dates for the next five years: 26 January 2009, 14 February 2010, 3 February 2011, 23 January 2012 and 10 February 2013.

To all my readers who are celebrating Chinese New Year:
May 2008 Year of Brown Earth Rat
Brings you lots of
Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

To all my “single” readers:
May there be lots of “Ang Pow” collections!
I hope you can collect as much as Jayson below… hehe


Please do also comment on my kitties' ONE MONTH OLD POST if you can. Thanks!

Monday 4 February 2008




Daddy has been busy helping his family for the coming Chinese New Year preparations and we were left alone with a sick Mama and a Romeo Papa who is never around to take care of us. In fact, we are angry that Daddy did not even celebrate our “Full Moon” with us. He was to buy lots of “Full Moon Gift Packs” to give away and collect lots of “Ang Pow” (red packets with $$) for us.


But we only got a small tiny packet of Kitten Friskies. We are not complaining much as our first taste of solid food was good. Janice, “Hey, Mama’s Friskies tasted even better. I can’t wait to grow up!”


“Mama! Mama! How are you feeling today?” purred Jayson. I hope you can stop vomiting again and get well real soon. We love you Mama. No matter how sick you are, we still get our regular shots of yummy juicy milk. You are the best!


Now where is that Romeo Papa? Where is he when Mama needed him most? He must have escaped out of the house again. See! Useless Papa! We have to scold him then only he will come back with that guilty look on his face. Grrrrrr…


Click… click… click! (Justin clicking on the Digicam directory) “Gosh! Is that what Daddy has been doing while we were asleep? He camwhored us!” Haha… but we do look real cute in our triplets’ natural reactions! :P


No matter what, we love Daddy a lot! You can see how plump Papa and Mama have grown up to be. You can see how happy and comfortable we are too. In fact, Daddy has taught us well. Who said only monkeys are wise? We are wise too! Daddy has taught us not to see evil, hear evil and speak evil! :P



Saturday 2 February 2008



This week’s theme is on NARROW.
I got the idea of this when I was helping my brother to sew his torn luggage.
The eye of the needle was so NARROW that I had a hard time
trying to get the thread through it.
I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t make the holes bigger.
Don’t you think that it sometimes get into our nerves
just to try to get the thread through that NARROW hole?



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