Thursday 14 February 2008


“It has been a boring Valentine’s Day with no dates, no good animal shows and having to stay at home with a bottle of alcoholic fruit drink in my hand... errr... paws,” said Jonathan. At least I still get some glamor out of it… haha :P


Thanks Deana and her cute gang for awarding Jonathan for the Funniest Valentine Photo in the 2008 Toonces and Rollie Valentine Contest based on cuteness, sweetness, personality and fun. It is an honor to be selected amongst the dozens of photos submitted. Even Jonathan would like to send his warmest thanks to you guys.


The triplets Janice, Jayson and Justin on the other hand were also surprised to find out that their Papa emerged as a winner. There are still too young to be in this limelight yet at only 40 days old. Who knows, they might outshined their Papa in the future?


Jessica also felt surprised as she was too busy taking care of what was left behind by the earlier actions of her so called hubby Jonathan aka Romeo aka Casanova who are still having late nights partying daily.


Bubble was walking up and down grumbling that I did not submit his photos for the contest. Oops…it was my mistake to overlook! Sorry Bubble…next time dear! :P



a n n n a said...

Congrats!! Lovely pichas..

Also, Happy valentine's day!!

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Criz, I've got a Valentine's Day gift for you
here. Happy ♥Day!!

Gattina said...

Congratulations !!! These pictures are really cute and funny ! Rosie, Arthur and their siblings also wish a happy Valentine's day ! Rosie is fat up with posing !

Deana said...

Bubbles looks alot like Coco, the doggie from Canada.

I am sure the kittens already outshine papa...the kids always do! All of yours, mamas, papas and babies are just precious.

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