Friday 23 January 2009



When you are living in a house for a long period of time, your kitchen cabinets would have gone through the test of age. The knobs on the doors or the handles on the old drawers would have lost their shines and beauties. You could always get those cabinets replaced but then it would cost you a bomb. That would be such a bad idea during this period of time. Why not spruce up the beauty of those cabinets by giving them some fresh coats? You could always get some nice knobs and handles at affordable price at your nearest hardware store.

New knobs and handles can lend a fresh look and style to your kitchen cabinets, whether you have them repainted or cleaned up. If you have one of those contemporary Asian end cabinets with iron handles, you could always varnish it to bring it back to life. I’m sure you could find some great choice of handles to replace those iron handles which had gone dull with use and age.

There’s one important thing to take note when shopping for new knobs and handles, that is to remove one and carry with your when shopping. That would save you time and effort to find one that could fit perfectly to your existing screwed holes. Just in case you fell in love with some knobs and handles of different styles and sizes, do not get panic. You can compensate by filling the old holes with wood filler. When the filler dries, sand smoothes the surface and repaint that area to make the patch less conspicuous. It’s an easy job and you could save a lot by being a handy person.

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