Saturday 29 November 2008


Are you planning to move to a new house? With the increasing of world population, sooner or later there would be limited spaces left for a household of few members. What could you do if you were to have only a 700 sq. ft. built-up area for your house? How about the budget? I’m sure most people by then would love simplicity and yet getting the elegant state-of-the-art feeling of a home. After all, most people would hate cleaning up a messy house with lots of items scattered around right?

What would you do if you were a high tech person and admire all the latest gadgets and features in the technological world? Would you die to have this feature as your window? Not only are the posters printed beautifully, it has thousands of mini holes to let the sunlight in. I wonder if Bill Gates is having this in his house too. Haha!


The most important part of a house is the bedroom, where you would spend the most hours after a hard day of work. Sometimes you might even want to work on some schedules in preparation for the next day, but space might be a problem. With limited spaces, you can either work on your projects or sleep but you can’t do both at the same time. What would you do then? Would features like this help? I’m sure it would.


Dining room is another place where most of us would spend time together as a family. We have our breakfast, lunch, dinner and whatever other meals there. Would you want to have a square or round table which is so boring? Why not own something that’s creative and would brighten up the day prior or coming back from a hectic day of work? Would you go for this?


There are so many things we can do to make our house feel more homely. Limited space is not an issue if we put on our thinking hat to make it possible. I will talk more on other areas of the house soon. Do look out for Home Improvements Part 2.

Monday 10 November 2008



MyBroadband WiFi is an initiative by the Ministry of Energy, Water, and Communication to increase the accessibility of Internet through the usage of broadband in Malaysia. This initiative will also enable the public to access key government's web presences, and e-government services at any of the WiFi locations. MyBroadband WiFi is implemented through a smart collaboration between the government, the community, and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), whereby each party would contribute different resources to the initiative.

Incorporated as part of the Penang i-Land 2010 Masterplan, the project is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure to realize Penang as a fully connected state by 2010 with reliable, fast broadband and affordable network infrastructure. A few strategic districts such as Batu Ferringhi, Batu Maung, Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Bukit Jambul, Bukit Mertajam, Gelugor, Gurney, Seberang Jaya, Sungai Ara, Sungai Dua, Sungai Nibong, Tanjung Bunga, Tanjung Tokong and Teluk Bahang have already had the service booted up. More districts in Penang as well as Kedah would be up soon.

If you would like to try out the FREE WIFI SERVICE, do register yourself an account at to be eligible to surf for free. If you would like to be a provider to make Penang’s dream to be fully connected by 2010, just log in the service provider form to sign yourself up.

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