Tuesday 15 June 2010


Have life been unfair to everyone? While some of us here are comfortably in our homes with at least some moveable areas, some of those less fortunate people in Hong Kong are living in pigeon-hole like concrete jungle homes. Can you imagine having only a room to provide shelter to a whole household? That’s the problem in most developed countries where the living standards are so high that only the rich can afford a comfortable home. The cost of owning just a small piece of property would be almost impossible for any below average income group.

At least, there’s a roof above their heads but is this the type of living condition anyone would want for a lifetime? I guessed not. When a country with such a limited land developed so rapidly, the price for any vacant slot would definitely rise up within a matter of years. Thank the lucky star that you are not in that situation, at least for now. Appreciate what you have and be happy that your life is a livable one. You won’t want to live as the people below right?


Monday 14 June 2010



Do you think you have the analytical brain in solving a problem especially a mathematical one? We are all born with different receptive powers in learning something. Some would take just a matter of seconds to digest the steps in a mathematical solution while others might spend hours, days or even months to understand just the basics. Unless the person is a mental retard, there’s always a way to nurture the brain to execute problems easily. There are many help out there on this nurturing method, may it be a private tutor or an online tutor. Let’s just look at an easy mathematical question here that some might find it quite mind boggling.

“There was a test with 20 questions. For each correct answer, 10 points would be rewarded while 5 points would be deducted for answering wrongly. I managed to receive a score of 125 points for answering all the questions. How many questions have I answered wrongly?”

Some people would have a hard time answering to the question above as it had a mixture of words and numbers. It can be rather confusing at times too. Do you have what it takes to solve the question or you really do need a Math tutor to guide you through every step in the problem solving? It may be easy for this time but do you think the question would get any easier as you progress into your college days?

Somehow or other, it’s best to seek some Math help in your earliest age to build up a strong foundation. There’s the saying that it’s never too late to learn but won’t you think it’s a good step to start early too to gain the wisdom you would need in your later stage of life?

Anyway, here’s the solution to the Math question above.

A perfect score: 20 questions x 10 points = 200 points
My score: 125 points (meaning I lost 75 points: 200 points - 125 points)
Each wrong answer I lose out 15 points (10 points incorrect + 5 points deduction)
Thus, I got 5 questions wrong (75 points divided by 15 points)

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