Tuesday 23 April 2013


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Whenever you are expecting large turnouts for events such as exhibitions, seminars, talks, company annual dinners, parties, weddings or event concerts, the first step you will item to tackle on your list would be to source a large venue that can hold your expected number of guests. Most available properties would likely not have such a big space to accommodate them. Alternatively, you might have to find a large area in your city to set up an enclosed tent to hold your event outdoor. 

However, weather is always something that's unpredictable. With such a large crowd all squeezed into the tent, humidity in the summer is something to be concerned about. So, the next step would of course be to find the right air conditioner rental company to come in to provide you with some temperature solutions. They would be the expert in this field to calculate the capacity of the air conditioning systems to cool down the entire space. 

Of course, you would need to generator rentals as well. All your electrical, electronics and lighting systems would definitely need electricity, right? Based on your equipments’ requirements, there would be portable rental generators ranging in size from 10kW to 2,000kW available to suit your needs. 

The next step to note would be on the catering services. Do you require some in-between snacks or are you having your event banquet style? Choosing the right catering service will be crucial because you don’t want to disappoint your guests with poorly presented food. 

Getting the right band in to liven up the atmosphere might be your next option. Unless you are holding a concert or parties, generally most hosts would engage the services of bands with soothing musical and vocal performances. 

Lastly, you might want to get some cleaners in to help clear any of the mess left behind after the event. After all, it’s the right courtesy to hand back the venue as clean as possible, as if it were your own property. 

Perhaps, some botany enthusiasts might even want to exhibit some of their best plants to enhance the environment of your event, so atmosphere and water temperature controls play important parts in maintaining the health of the plants. On top of the rentals mentioned above, you might also want to consider some water chiller rentals. A water chiller can be used to lower the water temperature below ambient level of 68°F/20°C, which ideally would be a good temperature for most plants. Water chillers are also used in some hospitality industry to cool down the building’s air and also in industrial entities to facilitate heat exchange. 

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Saturday 20 April 2013


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When you ask someone in general about which type of lighting would be suitable what type of environment, most people would just recommend something bright without knowing there are many types of lighting products available out there on the market for different purposes. Since the invention of incandescent bulbs in the era of Thomas Edison, the product has since evolved into many other products such as the halogen bulbs, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, high intensity density (HID) lamps, low pressure sodium lamps and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). 

Currently, in major industrial sectors as well as for general purpose settings, high bay fluorescent lighting is still being used to light up dark areas such as industrial facilities, warehouses, hangers, commercial buildings or even gymnasiums. Fluorescent light has been a great energy efficient alternative to metal halide lights. Though having a high luminous efficacy to light up a larger area, those high intensity density (HID) and low pressure sodium metal halide lamps have a shorter life span and required few minutes of warm-up period to reach full light output, thus not practical to be used for general purposes. 

Since the invention of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which has longer life span and low power consumptions, LED lighting has become the major rival in the lighting industry. These LED lighting fixtures which have a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours, will increase power efficiency while decreasing maintenance, replacement time and costs compared to other general lighting options, with a general life expectancy of 10,000-20,000 hours. With the advance in technology in output of high lumens per watt, high bay led lighting is fast becoming the most preferred lighting of the future. 

What are the reasons behind the acceptance of high bay led lighting? Some of the major benefits are that they are tough Solid State Lighting (SSL) because they do not have easily breakable elements such as filaments or glass and they are also hazard free because they do not contain any mercury or other hazardous substances. They are hassle free to start up in nanoseconds even under subzero temperatures. There are so many more benefits to use LEDs as cost effective lighting. You can see products here to determine which model suits your needs best.



After you have purchased a property, an important decision will be to select the right type of flooring. Is the property for home use, industrial use or public use? Selecting your flooring might sound like an easy thing, but to be certain it will remain in perfect condition for years to come can be quite a headache. If you do not know how to maintain your flooring, it’s as good as burning your hard earned cash gradually. In addition, replacing any flooring materials at a later stage would cost even more than if you did it at the beginning. 

Basically, there are 5 methods used to beautify your plain concrete flooring. Unless you have a good budget, using vinyl sheets would be the most impractical option. Though it's easy to clean, the imprinted design tends to fade eventually, and the sheets tend to curl over time, so it would not last long and you'd be looking to spend more money very soon! The next choice might be wood flooring. Though it might have some cooling effects for an enclosed space, overuse or underuse of any liquids might cause severe damage in time, such as blotting, popping and more.

That leaves us with three of the more popular flooring methods – ceramic tile flooring, stone tile flooring and plain/colored concrete flooring. These are fairly easy to maintain with the use of any floor cleaners you can find on the DIY shelves. However, to make them more feasible for easier maintenance, there are two methods which would be ideal in the long run.

One of the methods would be by applying an epoxy floor coating that would provide the right protection for years. This product is the ideal one for flooring and is more practical for industrial applications which require outstanding impact resistance, wear resistance against salt, alkaline, mineral acids and sewage plus the ease to clean up any spills and stains. 

The next most practical method would be by having polished concrete floors. This mode of protecting, preserving and enhancing your flooring would be the most cost effective way. Not only would the polished concrete or tiles be within your budget, they would also add some shine to your floors, giving them the sophisticated and professional look that is pleasant to the eyes of your visitors. On top of that, with the right lighting, your rooms would have a more spacious appearance. 

As you are planning on spending your lifetime in your newly purchased premises, selecting the right choice of flooring is crucial. Click here for more products to decide which type of flooring suits you best. Whether you have chosen epoxy concrete or polished concrete, it’s the appearance and durability that play the most important role for the future of your property. Be sure to choose wisely.

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