Tuesday 23 April 2013


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Whenever you are expecting large turnouts for events such as exhibitions, seminars, talks, company annual dinners, parties, weddings or event concerts, the first step you will item to tackle on your list would be to source a large venue that can hold your expected number of guests. Most available properties would likely not have such a big space to accommodate them. Alternatively, you might have to find a large area in your city to set up an enclosed tent to hold your event outdoor. 

However, weather is always something that's unpredictable. With such a large crowd all squeezed into the tent, humidity in the summer is something to be concerned about. So, the next step would of course be to find the right air conditioner rental company to come in to provide you with some temperature solutions. They would be the expert in this field to calculate the capacity of the air conditioning systems to cool down the entire space. 

Of course, you would need to generator rentals as well. All your electrical, electronics and lighting systems would definitely need electricity, right? Based on your equipments’ requirements, there would be portable rental generators ranging in size from 10kW to 2,000kW available to suit your needs. 

The next step to note would be on the catering services. Do you require some in-between snacks or are you having your event banquet style? Choosing the right catering service will be crucial because you don’t want to disappoint your guests with poorly presented food. 

Getting the right band in to liven up the atmosphere might be your next option. Unless you are holding a concert or parties, generally most hosts would engage the services of bands with soothing musical and vocal performances. 

Lastly, you might want to get some cleaners in to help clear any of the mess left behind after the event. After all, it’s the right courtesy to hand back the venue as clean as possible, as if it were your own property. 

Perhaps, some botany enthusiasts might even want to exhibit some of their best plants to enhance the environment of your event, so atmosphere and water temperature controls play important parts in maintaining the health of the plants. On top of the rentals mentioned above, you might also want to consider some water chiller rentals. A water chiller can be used to lower the water temperature below ambient level of 68°F/20°C, which ideally would be a good temperature for most plants. Water chillers are also used in some hospitality industry to cool down the building’s air and also in industrial entities to facilitate heat exchange. 

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