Monday 27 October 2008



It has been such a common practice in our daily life to use plastic ware to serve, to store and to put our drinks into it. Did you ever notice that there’s a triangular symbol with a number in it? Most people would just take that as an advice to recycle the used containers but what actually does the symbols meant? If you have the perception of the symbol being a recycle symbol, you better read in detail what I would be sharing below. The NUMBERS meant the CHEMICAL MAKE of the plastic products.


Study carefully each and every of the numbers. Here are the actual chemical terms for the numbers.


You should be watching out for No. 3, 6 and 7 as they are the worst. You should be aware that the chemicals used to produce these plastics can easily creep their ways into your food and drink. How many times have you heard your friends complaining about a drink in a plastic bottle that has the taste of plastic? Well, if you encounter such taste, do not take the drink, just throw it away. They are many cases that people would recycle those plastic bottles to refill their drinks for a long time. Have you ever thought that lower quality plastic bottles under different temperature would emit certain percentage of chemical compound into the drink? AVOID reusing plastic bottles by all means to protect your health.

There are also many cases where serving dishes are left in microwave ovens for reheating food or drinks. AVOID doing that! Although some of those plastics have labels stating that they are microwave safe. How safe are they then? I won’t know unless I check with the hospital on the statistics on cancer patients. If you want to heat up your food, do use ceramic or porcelain that has no metal linings. If you can, do try to use your wok to steam up your food. What about taking you meals on plastic plates or bowl? Due to wear and tear and through the test of time, throw them away. Can you imagine taking in your food with the extra “loose particles” from the badly scratched plastic plates and bowls? No wonder there is a wide concern about the increasing cases of cancer and kidney related sicknesses on the rise.

Who would not be aware about the recent cases of melamine contaminated products? It has caused consumers to be on alert on what type of food they can consume. Worst of all, innocent infants and animals get affected and thus causing them to die. What has happen to the mentality of those manufacturers? Isn’t life worth anything now? How could they bet on the lives of users by only thinking on making profit? So, be careful of what you eat, what you use and aware of what’s the best for you and your future generations. Here is what you should know about melamine poisoning:


Saturday 25 October 2008


One look at these photos and it scared the hell out of me after having the haunted experience of ramming my car against the divider and railings of a new highway during one of my trips up to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.


When I received these photos from my friend, I was wondering why would the government of such a country approve on such a wiggling road? Firstly, not everyone would be an expert in testing out roads of this kind, unless they are grand prix racers.

Secondly, with such a slope and if the weather was rather wet, won’t it add to the increasing statistic of having more accidents?

Thirdly, either the country must be real rich in resources or they have free flow of usage with the taxpayers’ money. Won’t it be easier to build a straight road rather than wasting more money on unnecessary building of roads.

Does that sound familiar? Haha… the world is getting weirder each day!

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