Monday 31 March 2008



I have been hearing numerous dissatisfactions amongst my friends that they have encountered many problems with their web hosting companies. They faced problems such as slow loading of their websites, websites not found and some even got hacked by some expert website hijackers. The worst thing is that they could not even get the web hosting companies to give them fast and reliable supports. This should not happen at all. A good web hosting company will never ever let its clients down. They should at least inform their clients on the upgrading period and will never fail to have a backup system in case the worst happen.

There are many web hosting companies around but who are those reliable ones that will give you quality hosting and support? According to Kaushal Sheth’s guide to the best web hosting sites, he recommended three web hosting companies that he had done detailed surveys and reviews on them. They are Host Monster, Host Gator and none other than the reputable Yahoo Host. Do check out on them as these companies do provide competitive rates to your preferences.


By the way, Kaushal Sheth also has some beautiful templates that you might want to use to freshen up your website outlook. Who knows with a fresher look, you might generate more traffic to you websites?

Saturday 29 March 2008



Many of you would have known that China would be holding the Beijing Summer Olympic Games between August 8 and August 24, 2008 but do you know why many countries are planning to boycott the Olympic Games? There are just too many reasons the world leaders have voiced out ranging from human rights, animal rights up to pollution.

Just look at how China’s brutal treatments to the Tibetans as reported by the National Post. It has becomes more overt as the regime's rhetoric becomes more shrill and paranoid. Most cities are under martial law. Roadblocks have been set up to prevent internal travel as well as to keep Western journalists from reporting the truth on the protests and hundreds of deaths and arrests made. Even the Epoch Times reported countless of news on the repression faced by the Tibetans.


On top of the human rights problems faced by China, there were also outcries on animal cruelty from animal lovers throughout the world. As reported by the Daily Mail, “Thousands of pet cats in Beijing are being abandoned by their owners and sent to die in secretive government pounds as China mounts an aggressive drive to clean up the capital in preparation for the Olympic Games.”


The cull comes in the wake of a government campaign warning of the diseases cats carry and ordering residents to help clear the streets of them. Can you imagine how pitiful those furry animals are being crammed into a small cage and sent to some secret death camps? Paranoia is so intense that six stray cats including two pregnant females were beaten to death with sticks by teachers at a Beijing kindergarten, who feared they might pass illnesses to the children. Even doctors are advising their pregnant patients to get rid of their cats as these cats will bring illness to the babies.

About more than a year ago, dogs have fallen victims to the country’s “clean-up” massacre. Now cats become the victims. There were even reports stating that hundreds of cats were sent to infamous restaurants in Guangzhou, southern China to be served in their exotic animals menus.


Although the Beijing government is eager to show the world the city in a good light during the Olympic, but the way the government dealt with animals especially cats in such an inhumane way will seriously tarnish the image of Beijing and the Games.


The concern on the public’s health due to endless pollutants in China is another factor the world’s environmentalists are not happy with. Even ABC News reported a “lost” Beijing National Stadium in haze. China has been ordering polluting factories in and around the city to shut down or relocate during the Games to ease Beijing's choking smog. Drivers are allowed out on to the roads only three times a week. This is just a temporary measurement. What will happen after the Games? Will these factories stop polluting the air? No, they will not. The air would still continue to be bad to the health of the residents surrounding those polluting factories.

China may be the most populated country in the world. It does not mean that killing a few thousands by poisoning them will help in the over population problems. The people deserved the right to live in a cleaner and safer environment. Now you have a clearer picture of the reasons behind the boycotting of attending the Games, reading, viewing and even purchasing products from the Games.

Friday 28 March 2008



This is the era where the internet has further eased the convenience of communication. Businesses are now using more and more of the internet to deal with their customers globally rather than the normal face to face business approach. As a business grows, more staff would be employed and thus having meetings all the time would be costly and time consuming. Therefore web conferencing has now become a trend in the business world. Instead of arranging for venues and accommodations in some cases, some of the companies have already widely engaged the use of web conferencing packages in the comfort of their own offices.

I have come across many vendors offering similar web conferencing product, either through web hosted services or through using software. None has even come close to RHUB’s hassle free system which can also enable PC, Mac, Linux, Unix or even iPhone users to join in any scheduled meetings.


All you need to do is to purchase their affordable appliance based on your own needs. It could be the setting up of 2 meeting rooms until many more combinations of rooms and attendees. You can refer to the graphic below on how cost effective by owning the appliance can be.


Most people would be worried about the support they will need in case there are problems during the meeting. You do not need to worry as the appliance is very easy to use and it takes only one time deployment of not more than 30 minutes. Moreover, the appliance is IT maintenance free and the firmware is updated automatically.


RHUB web conferencing appliance has been known to be used to host meetings for:
- Sales presentations and product demos
- Internal meetings within your networks
- Remote support for your customers
- Remote training & seminars
- Remote access to your computers in office or home
- Engineering collaboration
- Any real-time collaboration where desktop sharing is needed

If you have any enquiries, do check out their website. I am sure that your business will need this state-of-the-art technology to further boost up your sales.

Saturday 22 March 2008



This week’s theme is on METAL.
This used to be a METAL netting to keep
unwanted insects out from the house.
Unfortunately, my cat Jonathan bit and tore
the METAL netting to escape for his sex expedition.
Tom cat! What a desperado!



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Thursday 20 March 2008



Do you know that every single line on your palm will indicate your health situation or energy flow? The marks or signs on these lines will define whether you will have health problem some time in your life and how badly it will affect you. I always had neck and back problems due to sitting too long in front of the computer and it indeed showed in my right palm. Here are some of the facts on the effects of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Uranus on health issues and I am willing to share them with you.

JUPITER: The lines can reveal eyesight problems, injury to the eyes when an island is seen below the third finger. A break on this line often means liver problems and a cross shows a tendency to a stroke and heart failure.

MERCURY: The line often reveals mental illness, stress and anxiety. If you see islands, crosses or breaks, it can mean that you have a weaken body and a depressive mind. Healing will be prolonged.

VENUS: If you see moles, islands and crosses, it could mean that there are some venereal diseases. In women, these are signs of problems in the ovaries, womb and breasts. In men, these are signs of prostate gland problems or a weakening sexual energy due to a trauma.

URANUS: Apart from indicating wealth issues, crosses and islands could mean that there will be kidney and bladder problems. Breaking lines could mean arthritis and rheumatism tendencies. If there are many breaks, you could be having on-going rheumatic problems.

Tuesday 18 March 2008


If you were given to choose between a gibbon and a tiger, which of these two do you think will survive better in the wild? The meat eating tiger which is known for its viciousness or a gibbon which is known for its playfulness? I will tell you that it is a monkey’s world out there and monkeys sure rule! If you do not believe me, check out the video which I have stumbled on to find out the truth.

Monday 17 March 2008



Have you ever wondered the reasons behind the failure of a company or community? I have been pondering on this question for some time and decided to do some personal researches on the cause and effect of human attitudes towards the success or failure of a company or community. The result was astounding. It basically goes down to one major problem – the “tidak apa” or “who cares” attitudes of the employees.

It has already been hard to get dedicated and committed employees in a company and it takes just a few persons with the “infectious disease” to slowly erode those with good efforts. One very obvious indication is that those employees will always be in boredom and anger when given a task to perform. Teamwork does not exist in their vocabulary. Once you noticed the subtle slide in your company performance, it is time to reverse the effect with immediate actions. Here are some points for your knowledge.

In every successful business or community, there is a leader who is influential enough to push the rest of the workers to strive for the best. It does not necessary be the manager but someone who is charismatic enough to lead the team.

With the team leader in place, teamwork amongst the staff would be next in the agenda. Interaction is very important. No ideas and suggestions thrown in are worthless. Brainstorm each and every one of the ideas and discuss as a team the practicality of each idea and apply them if found to be appropriate.

Strategic planning is important in every business. Find out all the short term as well as long term plans that are beneficial towards the goals of the company. Goals such as better customer service and support are some of the few that should not be ignored.

What is S.W.O.T.? It means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. By understanding this principle, you will know who is better in whatever field in the company to assist in grabbing the opportunities in the market and how to promote better sales when there are competitors around.

A successful team will always have a set of written rules as guideline to perform their task. This will eradicate any disputes that may arise when someone breaks the rules. You might consider having transparencies within the team to have open discussions on any problems faced rather than creating gossips and backstabbing within the team.

It is not easy to get a team that has no clashes in opinions and conflicts. This is the time when the leader has to be supportive in settling conflicts amongst team members for the team’s future. There should always be sincere listening, accepting or rejecting and compromise when faced with any disputes.

People learn and grow from their mistakes. Even the greatest inventions were the products of many failures. By stopping and blaming all on an individual will stop him from being creative. This is a risk you have to take. Troubleshoot the failure as a team. Find out more on the reasons of the failures and rectify them. After one or many attempts, you will eventually succeed in getting the best product in the market.

Would you agree that no one would want to make mistakes or get rejected by others? I will always think that pinpointing the mistakes of an individual in front of a team is humiliating. Use a positive approach when someone made a mistake such a “Hey, don’t worry about the mistakes. Try harder next time.” or “I believe that you can do better next time.” With this positive approach, it will foster a better working relationship by having the members giving better and constructive feedback to improve the business. After all, each member will want to be part of the team that recognized their strengths to help the weaknesses of any tasks.

Never short of appreciation and recognition when someone or all performed greatly. It does not necessary be of monetary value. It could just be a trip or a small gathering for the members and their families. If you are not sure, throw it to the crowd. They would be more than happy to give you many wonderful suggestions.

Nowadays, people do not like the idea of “Do what I say and not what I do.” Some of them might have enough of that during their childhood days when they have to follow only the orders of their parents and nothing else. In fact, they will follow what you do. Setting a good example will eventually help in improving the quality of a working environment. How are you going to punish anyone for being late when you do that very often? Have the initiative of doing more than you are expected, helping those in need and be supportive and positive in your approach and you will be the role model of your team.

Remember this. An empowered team will make things happen. An empowered team can do what others thought was impossible. An empowered team is what makes your company grow!

Friday 14 March 2008


I was down in Prangin Mall doing some shopping when I received a call from my Dad saying that there was a protest demonstration down in Komtar. Surprisingly, I did not feel any threats at all as everything in the mall seemed to be normal. When I left the mall around 2.30pm, I saw that there was a crowd gathering in front of Starbuck shouting “Merdeka!” This was the first time I saw so many people gathered in front of the Chief Minister’s office building in protest on his decision towards the New Economic Policy (NEP).

There were many policemen and Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel surrounding the mall area barricading some of the major roads. The traffic was rather chaotic. There were even two helicopters flying over the building to inspect the situation. Tensions began to grow as most of the Prangin Mall area roads were filled with swarms of people. Luckily there were no unwanted incidents when the crowd dispersed hours later. Here are some of the shots of the gathering below.








Sunday 9 March 2008


The blogosphere created history today by having our fellow blogger, DAP's Jeff Ooi, 52, becoming an MP. Jeff Ooi became the first Malaysian blogger to have won the three-cornered fight for the Jelutong parliamentary seat with a 16,246-vote majority in Penang yesterday. He was contesting against Gerakan's Dr Thor Teong Gee and Independent’s Badrul Zaman.

The opposition party (DAP+PKR+PAS) denied the national coalition BN their 2/3 majority in this election by claiming 5 states, namely Penang, Perak, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan. Even though BN has secured their seats for forming the next federal government in this election, it is obvious that the public wanted a change in having THE MALAYSAN rather than having a country breaking up in separate races.

Let us see what the new change will have in store for us with all the new faces in the Malaysian politic. For more information, you can check for updates in Malaysiakini or the election 2008 results.

Monday 3 March 2008



If you are a nature’s lover, you should go to one site which I frequent a lot. The Nature Conservancy is one organization that I would give a thumbs-up for what they did since 1951. They are the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

Since their founding, the organization had protected more than 117 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide with more than 100 marine conservation projects globally such as in the region of Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, and USA. They have also addressed threats to conservation involving climate change, fire, fresh water, forests, invasive species, and marine ecosystems. It will be a waste if you did not check out their stunning jaw-dropping photograph collections on the Coral Reefs, Forests, Freshwater Ecosystems, Great Rivers, Islands, Marine Ecosystems, Rainforests or Tropical Forests.

If you plan to help in the conservation practices in you daily life that will affect the natural world around us for the benefits of your future generation, you can always start by assisting in the bird conservation, improving the quality of the rivers, combating invasive species by not dumping them into where they should not be and helping in protecting the coral reefs.

Here are some of nature’s wonderful colors to share with you all. Won’t it be sad if such nice places are polluted by human’s uncivilized actions? Think before you throw your next bit of rubbish onto the grounds, seas or rivers!







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