Saturday 23 February 2008



This week’s theme is on WOODEN.
This is one WOODEN product that we can hardly see nowadays.
WOODEN matchsticks are now fading out of our modern life
as they are slowly replaced by disposable butane-filled lighters.
Surprisingly, this company is still producing them in a small WOODEN box.
Even those in cardboard boxes are hard to find as collectibles now.


This is what I will do when I have a box of WOODEN matches in my hand.
I will play mind boggling games with my friends.
It sure kept their minds active and more alert.
What about you?
Would you like to have an active and alert mind this weekend?
You can try this test out with either WOODEN matchsticks or toothpicks.
The rule is simple.
Unscramble the WOODEN matchsticks and make the SIX triangles into NINE.
Happy trying out and no cheating please… hehe


How’s your analytical skill?
Did you manage to solve the WOODEN matchsticks puzzle?
Well, this is just a straightforward puzzle
and you do not need much thinking at all.
If you have decided to give up and would want to know the answer,
Just click on the WOODEN matchsticks photo above
and it will lead you to the answer. :P


For those members,
Please click Mister Linky above and enter your information for easy tracking.
Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


Anonymous said...

the first picture actually has SIX (6) triangle. I knew something wrong but at least I tried. Got con by the english word - five to NINE.

I actually tried like 5 times. Hahhaa. You owed me big time Criz for letting me spend time on this :P

jmb said...

It's true, no matchboxes. What will the kids keep their treasures in or their insect finds.
Have a good weekend Criz

Anonymous said...

That's creative! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I like this interpretation. Good job...

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

My brain turns into a huge coconut when comes to solving these puzzles. I might end up breaking those matchsticks!!

p/s: the wooden chair was taken from "Da Chang Jing" theme park, dunno if you've watched the show, criminals sit on that tied to it with the poles and get tortured..

LogicYuan said...

ppl used those match boxes to catch mini spiders...

i used to play the match game with plastic matches from Malaysia airlines...

Fishman said...

Wow..I remember those matchboxes. When I was small, I used them to keep those fighting spiders (pau fu).

Anonymous said...

A wooden matchbox... how about that? I've never seen one.

Mine's up! Come visit. :-)

Have a great weekend.

tx sweetie said...

obviously very wooden hehehe..nice entry for this week's theme.genius idea

I have a wooden Harley Davidson motorcycle you should check it out too

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bonggamom said...

We still keep (and use) matches in the kitchen, mainly to light candles. You can't beat good old-fashioned candlelight.

Dragonstar said...

Oh dear, I have no brain today - and I couldn't get the answer link to work! Nice entry.

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