Tuesday 12 February 2013



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your website displayed on the front page of various search engines on the internet. Thus, when you increase website traffic it will benefit you in terms of readerships with potential buying power into your businesses. It may sound easy but it’s all hard work with your commitment to provide consistent useful content, that will boost the number of loyal readers coming to your website. Moreover, you will need to spread your posts through social networks and/or other websites with much effort. If you are in niche target readers, it will be even tougher to drive in the right traffic.

To increase web traffic, it’s not about only building your back links, whether internally or externally. Google might not like it too, if you've over-linked too much internally and you might get penalized by them based on their strict regulations. Theoretically, the safest mode would be to improve your internet presence by offering genuine, unique and quality content on a regular basis that will get your readers to link you automatically. Most importantly, your tags must be in place with the right keywords for a better search. 

Not everyone is doing full time writing. Thus, you might want to bring in external writers to keep up with the content flow on your website. Of course, a small token fee might be needed unless the writer is willing to do that for you free with an exchange link, in which it would be quite beneficial for you to draw in more traffic. However, it would be advisable to write your post personally as you are in control of what your website is all about. Add some videos in as well as it has been proven that good videos such as step-by-step presentations, can improve conversions and page ranking more than just filling up the space with mere photos. Avoid plagiarism by all means, as this will tarnish your trust with your readers. Once you are widely known as a “copy cat”, no one will visit your website anymore. 

There are still many ways to improve your website traffic, but make sure that they are legitimate ones. Keep things short and simple as a cluttered website with lots of unnecessary graphics, especially those animated ones, might slow down the loading time and chase readers away. In order to get more web traffic, you might want to engage a reputable and reliable SEO expert to look into the possibilities. You might want to see products here for a better website future.

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