Tuesday 12 February 2013



Almost every company surely needs some sort of security measures to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering secured areas that are off limits to the general public. Therefore, you will see many multi-national corporations issuing custom name badges for their employees for easy access throughout their premises. 

Badges come not only as ID badges for the employees; but they can also come in many forms for visitors such as a Security badge for inter-departmental passes, visitors, vendors, contractors and more, depending on the needs of the company. The Security badge may come simply or with a number of security features such as magnetic stripes, barcodes or with just simple running serial numbers. On top of that, there are many clippings available to avoid damages to the clothes such as lanyards, chains, reels, grippers, etc. 

Sometimes, getting an external supplier to produce your Security badge can be quite a hassle and might not be a great move for some corporations who want to have a super strict security. Thus, the ideal way for more secured badges would be by producing them in-house, most preferably by the Human Resource Department.

The Beresford Company would be one of those companies with a wide selection of equipment for all your security needs. They have the right ID Badging Systems for your needs, from basic software to design your badges, up to many small accessories. Products available would include ID Card Printers, ID Card Ribbons, Badge Holders, Design-A-Lanyard, Blank Cards, NetBadge (Online Badging), Lanyards & Chains, Retractable Card Reels, Strap Clips/Grippers, Software, ID Accessories, Cameras & Accessories, Smart Cards, Readers and Scanners, Gift/Loyality & Pre-Printed Cards, Laminating Supplies and many other cool stuff.  

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