Tuesday 19 February 2013



I’m sure everyone has gone through the scenario of group studies at one time or another in our lives. What did we do then? We spent most of our time travelling to and back from a destination where we were to meet up with school mates for those group studies. Not only was the whole duration a waste of time in traveling but also a waste of money. The generation today is definitely more fortunate with the advancement in internet technology. They can now make conference calls all within the comfort of their home while discussing their projects through multicast communications, a medium that will connect a sender to many receivers.

Making conference calls of course won’t be free and it comes with a small price to pay. With so many other packages available on the market, it would be beneficial to know which company would be the best to engage, in order to save on costs. It’s not about getting the cheapest package around. It’s all about getting one that is affordable and yet has good quality audio visual without interrupting your communications with the other parties. Don’t you hate it when you are in the middle of discussing a major project and the line just cuts off suddenly? I’m sure you would agree on my point of view to engage a company who is reliable and won’t burn your pocket with exorbitant charges.

Instead of jamming up your computer with more downloads of software to enable you to communicate, I found one that required no download of any software which would be applicable to both Windows and Macintosh platforms. All you need to do is to sign up online and a dedicated toll free dial in access number and pass codes will be sent to you for immediate usage. It is so hassle-free that you would be able to start your conference call without any delay. 

You can visit the site for more information on how to manage your conference call with the many features available. Not only would this be a service that would be useful for your studies, it would also be great for your future businesses as you move into the corporate world. Having presentations, seminars, weekly meetings, lectures, in-house training sessions from dispersed locations, and it would be accomplished with only a matter of a few clicks.

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