Thursday 21 February 2013



In a competitive business world, generating a steady flow of profits to strengthen the pillars of your businesses won’t be easy if you do not have strong relationships with your clients. Generally, that’s what Heather Ferguson, Principal of Whale Communications Ltd. & Producer/Host of Sonar Moment had in mind on the success of building a business.

Through my personal experience, what she said is indeed so true. Other than customers’ satisfaction, building the trust relationship between you and your client would eventually bring more business to any company. If your products or services are of top quality and your endless commitment and responsibility are on par with the needs of your consumers, you are on the right track to move up the business success ladder.

Since the birth of my business, I practically do not have to bid for additional projects to sustain my livelihood, because I have been recommended by most of my existing clients to many new and potential clients throughout my business career. Basically, whatever a client needed would fall back to the trust they have in your company to come out with a satisfying result that meets their deadlines, even though it is in a limited period of time.

There are many rules in building a successful business. The main rule would be to build the trust relationships between you and your client. Don’t over commit what you can’t deliver, and be authentic about what you can offer. Even though your client might be difficult, you should still show your respect and professionalism in getting the job done well. Be in control of your own company and be up to date on the newest technologies that will increase the chances of you maintaining your place in your industry for a long time to come. After all, every deal made should be a win-win deal for both parties.

You can visit the site for more information on how this company has helped others in managing trust relationships to acquire new business, retain current business and build referral business. Learn a bit more on how to be successful in your business from some of the Sonar Moment’s monthly interviews shown below: 

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It's my understanding that there will be more to come, and I look forward to cashing in on the successes and experience of others and their journey to success.

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