Wednesday 27 February 2013



What is your understanding of electronic contract manufacturing (ECM)? Also known as electronic manufacturing services (EMS), this term is commonly used to describe companies that execute designing, testing, manufacturing, distributing and repair provision services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), thus saving precious time and cost for the manufacturer to expedite the processes of their productions. In short, ECM companies are the providers or subcontractors of major electronic companies, supplying customized components and services to ease the productions of their clientele. 

Basically these electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) companies would provide high quality one-stop resourced turnkey electronics manufacturing services of low to large volume products, to small and medium size businesses. Such design, engineering and PCB assembly services are provided for a variety of industries such as the telecommunications, industrial, medical and avionics sectors. Some complex printed board assemblies as found in the telecommunication and computer areas, sensors, medical & dental electronics, require a high level of accuracy and aero PCB products. These are some of the items ECM companies have been servicing all along. 

Depending on the nature of your business, each company has their own set of various quality standards and regulatory requirements. In case you need to have some products to view, you can always check with BESTProto, one of the best known and experienced pcb assembly manufacturer on the market, with the proven reliability and trustworthy record to meet your requirements. Their services include electronic assembly services, wire & cable harnesses, PCB design & layout services, PCB repair services, quick turn PCB assembly, quick turn electronics assembly, special services, box builds, inspection & testing, repairs & reverse logistics and more. Whether it be a small quantity of PCB assemblies or even just a one board piece, you will be surprised in how they will excel beyond your expectations.

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