Tuesday 19 February 2008



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This is the first time the triplets Janice, Jayson and Justin are having their grand bath since their birth 47 days ago and all of them do not look so happy. Jayson kept purring that he is clean. Justin looked as if he was about to faint. Janice being the eldest of them all began to cry pathetically.


After half an hour of pestering them to move to the bathroom, the trio still insisted that they are absolutely clean but are they? I can still see some milk stains on all their faces. Unfortunately, I have to carry all of them into the bathroom for a nice warm bath with special medicated kitten shampoo.


After wiping and blowing them dry, the triplets were in a real playful mood. Justin began to check on everybody to make sure that they are clean from head to paws. Jayson was the unlucky one to have one spot left on his ear that needed immediate cleaning. Janice came in and dragged Jayson’s leg to get him in for a second bath…. Haha!
In fact, all of them had a wonderful bath. The next time, I shall be sourcing for a rubber “mousey” for them to play in the tub! :P



Gattina said...

Poor babies ! but the pictures are too cute !!
Did you really bath them ?? It is not very good for kittens not even for adult cats if there is no serious reason that's at least what our vets here say. I only had to bath once Arthur because he had worked under a car and was full of greasy black spots and he stank !! We needed to be two and came out of the bath almost murdered by Arthur who was so offended that he disappeared for two days ! All other cats do selfcleaning. Kim the long haired gets brushed every day.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

The three of you are so cute! Those are wonderful photos! We get weekly baths, because we have no fur, and so the oil our skin secretes builds up, even though we bathe ourselves like regular cats do.

Mother of Invention said...

These 3 are the most adorable kittens I've ever seen and you've caught them perfectly on camera!

What fun they must be!

catsynth said...

Poor kittens.
Glad they're having fun after the bath though.


Kittens! You have me hooked
on these kitties, they are
just plain fabulously cute!
This is the reason I usually
end up with two cats instead
of just one cat that I allowed
to get. Thanks for stopping by!

Luna und Luzie said...

Oah poor Kitties !!! They are so sweet.
Did they really need a bath.
Our cats never had a bath, except Luna when her long fur under the tail is dirty from the litterbox.She hate that. Sometimes I brush the cats, but they don´t like that too.
Enjoy your kitties, they are grown so fast.

kuanyin333 said...

These cat photos & words are simply the CUTEST! LOL! Anela's only bath is the warm Hawaiian rain. :-)

Deana said...

I like your background color and I love those triplets...I bet they felt nice after they finally got the bath over with. I love the first picture and the one just screaming NO!

Gattina said...

That indeed is a very good reason, nothing is worse then flees on a poor kitty and they are too small to put a powder or a spray on them. I know of course you would do everything for your little cat family. It's only when bathing a cat the grease on her skin goes away and makes them vulnerable. But in your case I would have done the same.
Arthur is the only one who always gets fleas ! The vet told me that white cats attract them more then others. So every 6 weeks I have to put a little tube with a liquid (especially strong for white cats !!) on his neck. When he was just 6 months old he had his whole belly naked because he head leaked himself so much and I didn't know it were fleas !

Andree said...

omg this is TOO cute!! just wonderful. You really should be a cat photographer, you know! Thank you for the caption help, I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't end up with scratches all over your arms and face from the bath!

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