Tuesday 28 December 2010



The answer would surely be a yes. Can you imagine going for a swim and leaving all your belongings in the open? Your valuables might just attract the eyes of some thieves, usually found lingering about at such public places. There was a time when one of my friends at a public swimming pool lost all his valuables which included his branded attire. He has to call someone to pick up a set of clothes in order to get home. The first question that hit my mind was why there were no lockers around to prevent such cases from happening?

I personally had such an experience while visiting a nearby mall. Since there were no lockers around, I had to lock my helmet onto my motorcycle. By the time I had finished shopping and went back to the motorcycle park, my helmet was gone. Someone managed to cut off the strap and ran away with my costly helmet. Incidents like this should not have happened if only the mall management would allocate a space for public lockers.

Another incident happened when I was visiting a client in a semiconductor factory. It was the regulation of the factory to disallow anything electronics into the factory. Thus, I had to entrust my cell phone and laptop at the security checkpoint. Eventually after my meeting, I had a hard time claiming back my cell phone as it got mixed up with a bunch of cell phones of the same color and make. Someone must have accidentally knocked onto the small cupboard with all the visitors’ electronic gadgets in it. Since it was the regulation of the factory, why the management did not even consider having some pigeon hole like lockers? If I were to be allocated a locker with proper numbering, such silly incident may not have happened.

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