Saturday 25 October 2008


One look at these photos and it scared the hell out of me after having the haunted experience of ramming my car against the divider and railings of a new highway during one of my trips up to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.


When I received these photos from my friend, I was wondering why would the government of such a country approve on such a wiggling road? Firstly, not everyone would be an expert in testing out roads of this kind, unless they are grand prix racers.

Secondly, with such a slope and if the weather was rather wet, won’t it add to the increasing statistic of having more accidents?

Thirdly, either the country must be real rich in resources or they have free flow of usage with the taxpayers’ money. Won’t it be easier to build a straight road rather than wasting more money on unnecessary building of roads.

Does that sound familiar? Haha… the world is getting weirder each day!


Puss-in-Boots said...

I agree, Criz, what's the point? There must be a rev head in Govt who had their way over this one. You wouldn't catch me driving on that...

TorAa said...

What's so ever it fascinating from a engeenering point of view - but in real life? haha.

Excellent perspective


Anonymous said...

You would have to pay me a lot of money to drive that stretch of road! Goodness it's crazy! hehe! But you gotta admit that it look beautiful in that night shot :)

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