Tuesday 12 August 2008


I was there in Genting last Sunday to watch the Dreamz. Thanks to AMBP for giving me the opportunity to make my dreams come true. The best part was that Genting management made my visit even better. Instead of sitting at the PS1 seats as allocated by them, my tickets were upgraded to VIP. Can you imagine the thrill and experience I had sitting at the first few rows just in front of the stage? The show was truly wonderful with their music being played by their live band.


As the opening, it started with two great illusionists (Italian, Loris Togni Alessandro and Spaniard, Enrique Polo) competing against each other for the love of one princess in a fantasy world. Featuring for the first time in Southeast Asia is a magnificent beast - the elusive white lion. Once thought to be a myth, the white lion first existed as whispered rumours in the wilderness of South Africa before finally being discovered in 1975. This highly elusive animal performs alongside the white tiger - possibly the most prized animal in modern times for its beautiful coat and stunning ice-blue eyes.



On top of that, there was also the colorful Belarus and Ukraine dancers, motorcycles stunts in The Globe of Death and some trapeze stunts by China’s Hua Chen Acrobatic Troupe.


Overall, Dreamz would great for those who had never watch any magic show live before and would like the experience of seeing the magnificent white lion and tiger up so close. You can call up the Genting Pavilion Box Office at 603-2718 1118 or book your ticket online through www.genting.com.my

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Unknown said...

sounds like a real good show you saw there..very real as well i am sure...

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