Friday 4 April 2008


It was terrible. I did not commit any crimes but I was forced into the jail with my friend and we had to take curry chicken rice for lunch. We were forced to watch the gruesome execution of a prisoner on an electric chair. Well, don’t get me wrong here. It is a “jailhouse” restaurant anyway. Haha! There is this few months old Japanese restaurant in Penang, which serves its customers in a jailhouse environment. The place rocks!


Welcome to the world of Obake-Ya Restaurant – the first ever Jailhouse Restaurant in Penang.


You even dine as the prisoners do in canteen or in your private cell. The whole environment looked dim and damp with the special effect of airbrush painting.


What’s cooking for lunch? You can have their in-house specialty which is the Jailhouse Curry Chicken Rice. You will be amazed on how they present it to you. Haha!


For your information, photographing the interior of the restaurant place is prohibited. I managed to arrange for an interview with the director herself to get this privilege. So, are you curious to find out what else you can have in there plus the author’s recommendation? Check out the full detail of this Japanese restaurant here.


David Cheong said...

Awesome! When I go to penang, you have gotta bring me there! Hahahha

HRH Yao-Lin said...

that restaurant looks fabulous! Definitely somewhere I would like to see my human end up for a long time. It would get her out form under my paws. She is dreadfully annoying, you know! x

Anonymous said...

Wow.. now this is first for me. I would love to go there. Curry Chicken rice.. ok. When I'm penang im definitely gonna try this.

maryt/theteach said...

Criz, that's a very unusual restaurant! I don't know how it would go over here in the U.S....! :D

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

That restaurant is gonna be on my top list of where to eat in Penang!

Gosh, been years since I went to Penang :( I love the Lok Lok at Gurney Drive *Droolz*

Deana said...

You had me there for a minute! lol. What a cool place to eat, I like that idea and your food looks delicious. Neat that you were allowed to take some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice idea! I want to go there too!

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