Sunday, 9 December 2007



In my previous post entitled FRIENDS IN DISGUISE, I was mentioning about the types of friends you should avoid in your life. They will not motivate you and bring you far in your path to being a successful person. What about those good ones whom you can get into your life? There are not many of these people around our ever changing society. If you can find one, together you can grow with them, nurture the friendship and move towards a better life. Who do you think possess the good characteristics that you would want them to be your friend?

Lover: This is not necessary someone who will love you and is willing to become your soul mate. This is someone who has a cultured mind, untainted by the chaotic and madness of life. S/he will have that in-born love and compassion, and knowing what is right or wrong distinctively. Everybody will love him/her for his/her mature way of life.

Listener: Someone who will listen attentively and patiently to you at all times. S/he could be a good counselor to all your hardships and woes. Every word that comes out from him/her will be of love, kindness, generosity and pleasantness. S/he is a resourceful person to guide you through your journey in life.

Speaker: Someone who speaks with deep thoughts, truth, back-upped by knowledge, experiences, facts and figures. This is the type of person who is very helpful and is willing to share what he knows without any repayment. S/he is indeed an unselfish person, not necessarily in monetary benefits but as in knowledge itself. Time and patience is all he has in clearing your doubts and straightening your thoughts. To him, actions speak louder than words.

Saver: Someone who will spend wisely in needs and not in wants. S/he is someone who will guide you through your journey in life, ensuring that you will not go astray in your process of reaching your aim. To him/her, time is money. So is life. Time should be used constructively in gaining more knowledge and experiences in order to have a better future. Self improvement and development remain as his/her ultimate goals. S/he is a wise person to be with.

On top of all the above points, holding on to your faith will also attract lots of good friends. S/he who is morally, intellectually and spiritually enriched will inspire, motivate and give strengths to others to move forward rightfully in life. After all, it is leadership by example. If you can show how well you will carry yourself, people will subsequently love you as whom you are…as a FRIEND!


Unknown said...

We all need a little of each type... What happens when the speaker won't listen to you... or vice versa with the listener when you need advice and not sweetened words?

dJcarmen said...

...what happens when you are more than one of the above...n you've friends that gets you in trouble, ditches you in front of your other friends, and directly/indirectly try to ruin your relationship with other friends?? what do you call that...

hi kor...sorry just not in a good mood. beginning to feel friendship's just a pure joke...

missing u...n suddenly trumbled in here. LOL *muahx hugs*

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