Saturday, 8 December 2007



In our life, we tend to meet up with all types of people whom we call friends. Sometimes, you will end up getting hurt, knowing that those so-called friends are not truly your friends. You felt betrayed. You felt sad because you have sacrificed all your time and efforts in helping them and in return you get yourself into bigger problems. Thus, to avoid getting hurt over and over again, here are a few steps to identify who your friends are.

Flatterer: Someone who praises you in your presence but speaks ill of you in your absence. S/he is a backstabber indeed. This type of so-called friends will influence others to go against you in a matter of time. They are the worst friends to have.

Spender: Someone who will ruin your wealth by introducing you to gambling, frequent night spots, endless shopping spree, “lepak”ing (saunter outside at unseemly hours). S/he will be your best companion during these periods until you are all out of money and in financial crisis.

Taker: Someone who will give a little contribution but expects a lot from you. There are many of this type of so-called friends surrounding you. It will hurt your pocket a lot if you are the only one contributing to their welfare. When you are well off, they will be around. When you are run down, not even their shadows will appear in your life.

Talker: Someone who will entertain you with the past and future but will never be around in the present. S/he is a thunder indeed. S/he will promise you a thousand and one things, but when you are under a rain spell, s/he will express her/his inability to assist you.

So, be aware of who your friends are. You may never know how bad they will affect your life until it is too late. Looks can be deceiving but actions and speech can expose the motive and intention of a person.

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Unknown said...

Good advice but many people are very good at hiding their true personalities.

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