Friday 17 August 2007


Here is something for you to ponder during the weekend. What is the similarity amongst all the bottles? Do you realize that they have something to do with your life?


What you see above are a baby bottle, a coke bottle, a beer bottle, a urinal bottle and a formaldehyde bottle. How do these bottles represent you in life? They depict the different stages of your life, namely BIRTH, LIFE, OLD AGE and DEATH.

The baby bottle shows your birth in this world. It is your first step into your journey of life, observing, learning and gathering knowledge to be a part of the society.

The coke bottle shows you into your teenage years, enjoying life as it is, gathering more knowledge and experience along the way to be well equipped to face the working world.

The beer bottle shows that you have attained adulthood, equipped to fight for your survival to stay alive in this world, and ready to own a place called family.

The urinal bottle shows you towards the end of your life journey where you have not much control over your body. Sickness seeps in mysteriously and if you have not done much to be financially equipped for this stage, you will be in deep trouble.

The formaldehyde bottle shows you in your final journey in life where you no longer have possession over your body. It means death. Formaldehyde is one of the chemicals used in preserving the body for a period of time to enable your loved one to bid you farewell for the last time in this world.

This post may sounds simple but how many of us do really open up our mind to see things from a different angle and understand them well? How many of us are really prepared for a smooth flowing life in the future? Life is short and time has never been enough to do what we want in life. Before you realized that, you are already halfway through your life journey. Plan and prioritize what you need to do now. Delaying would not help you anyway. It all lies within the grasp of your hands!


Ryudiculous said...

Woohoo... 1st! Haha...

Interesting post... makes you wonder about the other everyday things in life that could mean so much more =)

ahbing said...

I am in the beer bottle stage now.


I think I will have another bottle before that.. a 'milk' bottle =D

Unknown said...

Eye opening post Criz. :) you think about so much! Where do you find the time to philosophize all day?

Unknown said...

i dont drink! can i stop at coke? young forever! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

Im still at the beer thing.. a bit advance i guess.. top ten bottle got?

Anyway, as u said, life is short, don't delay it. So what are u waiting for Criz? I got 3 boys already... when yours :P

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