Saturday, 23 June 2007


(updated 24th June 2007 with Kenny Sia's Interviews)

Nuffnang held a community event named The Orient’s Voice this afternoon at the Food Loft Restaurant, Level 4, Gurney Plaza, Penang. It was the first official bloggers’ gathering held in the Northern region with the help of a panel of Nuffnangers like Cedric Ang and Dragon Head. This event was even more memorable with Kenny Sia, the featured blogger of the month June, who flew all the way from Kuching just to meet up with the Nuffnangers.

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Food Loft Restaurant did a good job by sponsoring their place as the venue for the gathering as well as food for 100 bloggers. This trendy and chic restaurant is really a cool place to dine in as it also oversees the famous beach front of Gurney Drive.

There are a few Nuffnangers outside Penang, Nuffnang advertisers and some of the Nuffnang team members who joined in the fun too. There were lots of mingling sessions, photo sessions and even contests with prizes sponsored by Nuffnang, Exabytes, and Oomph.

The event started with the arrival of guest around 12 noon. All registered bloggers were given a RM15 food voucher sponsored by the Food Loft Restaurant, a button pin and a car sticker. I ordered Fricassed Chicken as my main course. It consists of a pie pastry topped with milky chicken garlic gravy. It was delicious. Here is how it looks like.

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The event started off with Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang giving a short speech, followed by Cedric. Dragon Head continued with a quiz contest where lots of food vouchers has been given out as prizes. Next in the list was an interview with Kenny Sia. As usual Kenny was in his ever joking mood when he was interviewed by Cedric. For those who are interested to know more, you can view the interview as below. The loading can be quite long as each file is about 5 minutes.




After the interview, Kenny had a shock of his life when he was asked to donate part of his body hair for charity. He hesitated for awhile before he agreed to go on with the idea. I just wondered whose idea was that too…Haha. Finally, Kenny donated his leg hair, nose hair, chest hair and even his hand hair for the Cancer Society. The auction for his hand hair started from as low as 30sen. It ended up in the hands of Timothy for a price of RM20. Watch the photos below and you can see how comical Kenny Sia can be while donating his body hair.

There was also a food eating contest, with BenjiPapa, Chee Hsien and Dragon Head participating. The 3 participants were required to finish up a big bowl of Ice Kacang within the stipulated time of 5 minutes. Chee Hsien emerged as the winner.

The event ended around 3.15pm after a group photo was taken. Here is the bloggers’ group photo.

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Friday 6th July @ 7:30pm
Venue: Toscani’s @ Waterfront (To Be Confirmed)

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Sweetpea said...

Malaysia got so many events! Makes me feel so left out :(
Glad you all had a great time :)

JJ Jason said...

i really likes tis gathering!!!!
so fun,

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys hv so much fun! I want to meet with other bloggers as well...!!
if nuffnang have the next gathering at KL, i will surely be there!

CRIZ LAI said...

sweetpea: missed Malaysia so fast? How's Aidan now? I do hope he has improved. Take care ya :)

jjazai: You should be happy to be there. It's the best blogger gathering ever :)

jean: Nuffnang did have a few gatherings down in KL before. I guessed you might have missed them. Don't worry...there will be more coming :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, syioknye. Is that you, colored hair? Great man. You did take lots of pic. But I only know minny. :P and probably Kenny. that shud be him then. LOL.

Intersting Ice Kacang competition. You won any?

With all the photo taking and nice food you chose there... u must be tired then.

Chee Hsien said...

Gosh... my face... i shouldnt eat that ice kacang!!

anyway... u're the first to blog about it... hahaha

Chee Hsien said...

abut... how come i didnt met u??

CRIZ LAI said...

papajoneh: jon...we all enjoyed ourselves. i did won a free food ticket in the Quiz contest.

chee hsien: haha...who ask you to be so busy running around and did not mingle that much. No wonder you did not meet me. Maybe I should wear skirt next time so that you notice me more... LOL

Anonymous said... pic also in there...nice to meet u ya...we just sit next to each other, world are very small...

Ehon said...

sounds like good fun eyh!

Anonymous said...

man you're fast to blog about it, nice pics, the event was nice and fun, hope to have more events from nuffnang, nice to meet you too Criz. :D And thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll add you to my blogroll. :)

Shelby said...

looks like lots of fun :)

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Wow - so much tasty food and so many pple!


wonderbunny said...

hey!!! love your event update~~~ and nice meeting you that day too!!! :D

YY said...

ya u missed me and i missed u too on that day
will link u up shortly
and can u tell me hw to get intouch with lance tan, if u happen to know him

SaeWei said...

Hmm.. i am the fat one in red top la..hahaha... too bad la i left early to ifoodex.. i wasnt there when you guys took the group photos..*sob*

but it was really an enjoyable gathering.. hope we all can meet again soon..

Anonymous said...

hi criz, thanks for visiting my blog. i had a good time too. unfortunately my face was not in the group pic cos i had to leave early too :(

CRIZ LAI said...

calvyn: nice to meet you too :)

ehon: it was great. We had lots of fun mingling around.

seraphangel: will link you up but what's your name ar? :P

shelby: it's fun

donny&marie&casey: so so, meeting good :)

erlynda: nice knowing you too :)

ray: replied in your site on that.

saewei: size does not matter when it comes to friendship. Nice chatting too...haha

sy: i wanted to leave but decide to stay for the group shot. but the post up the one without my pix in it :(

Jacelyn Chew said...

hi, thanks dropping by my blogs. yeah....we missed knowing each other in Penang. I do hope to join another bloggers gathering like the previous one in KL. Well, keep reading, I mean u and me!

Anonymous said...

same here Criz... better at the end that not at all. Nice to have met you at Nuffnang's/Food Loft.

Anonymous said...

Urgh.....I miss that gathering. U all got great time during that moment. Got nice food somemore!!!!

CRIZ LAI said...

jacelyn: maybe fate will let us meet again sometime somewhere in the future :)

nasir: yea..should have known you earlier

fattien: the food was ok but the gathering was really fun :)

Cherry Popcorn said...

You're going for the KK's blogger's meet?

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