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I never knew that there are so many interesting things which I can learn online until I came across an online marketing and web development blog called Banner Blindness Inc. Not only did I get useful marketing information on the happenings around the cyber world, I also got some good advices on the pros and cons of some of the services available and ways to boost up the traffics for my websites.

What really caught my attention (so are the rest of the visitors) is the post on an analysis of direct response marketing - Kinoki foot pads - Livemercial. It shows how an effective website such as Kinoki foot pads can create a direct response impact which will boost up the sales for the company. The website has a strategy that will offer tens of products with are real impressive after you have signed up for any purchases. What a good marketing strategy but if you are not aware and careful on what you have selected while signing up, you might end up with recurring bills. Livemercial truly knows how to monetize its users, through recurring billing and up-selling. After all, the user had consented to purchase the products.

Another post which I like is on how to create an effective e-mail creative. The email marketing post explained the right way to send out email creatives that in return are effective and having high click-through rate? In short, an email creative must be colorful and tactful in using short sweet words to captivate the attention of the viewers.

Most of us out there would want to earn from any sort of online advertising companies and what I found out here in Banner Blindness Inc. is totally new to me. There are actually companies paying their users with high traffic to display their skins/templates for a specific period of time. Amazing right? This is one of the latest ways to enhance the online marketing strategy from a highly trafficked site by mode of using specially designed skins.

Speaking about online advertising strategy, you might want to know more about link bait. It is a great way to build the inbound links to your website. This is a method where a designer creates a time lapse photos/video and sent to another blogger in hope of getting a mention or a link. It usually works if your design is impressive enough to gain the attention of the recipients.

If you have any online marketing needs and you want some professional assistance, you can always check out Banner Blindness Inc. The company is currently offering the following consultation services to clients.

Paid Search (PPC - Price Per Click)
Large Scale Website Development
Blog Development
Landing Page Optimization
Affiliate Marketing
Display Advertising
Viral Video Marketing
Flash & Static Banner Creation
Link Building / SEO
Investment Research - Online Based Companies
Ghostwriting / Copyrighting
Social Media Optimization/Gaming

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