Friday, 22 February 2008



Most of us are bored with the regular “lepak”ing in Mamak stalls or McDonald’s. Where would you go if you feel like spending your time with friends at a new location? Oh My God! Not the sandy beaches or the mosquitoes infested hilly places again where you might meet up with an unexpected “stranger”. I dare you to go into the deep jungle, swarmed with head hunting tribes. They would not chop off your head but will still kill you eventually… kill you with the nice atmosphere and light mumbo jumbo music of theirs.

Welcome to Jemputree! This is a village in the heart of Georgetown that provides good ambience, nice jungle feel, and spacious areas for your jungle experience. You can even stay in the treehouses that they have provided for you at a minimal price. You pay for the food and beverages and you get to stay until 2.00am in the morning. You can have a variety of Malay, Western and Oriental food to choose from.

Are you now impressed and would like to find out more on the latest night spot in Penang? Click onto the treehouse photo above to read on…


napaboaniya said...

Nice new layout, pretty refreshing colors :)
The tree house looks cool.
Wandering into the jungle...erm,
your friend here might need the police department to get her out!!!

papajoneh said...

Tree house.. now that is so cool. I wish I have, like the simple one at my yard.

aL said...

gotta check it out one of these days!


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