Friday, 25 January 2008


Do you believe that troubles come in three? Firstly, my computer downloading was so slow until I almost fell asleep while opening my websites. Then, both my hotmail and yahoo mails were down and I could not even check my mails for days. Needless to say, I could not even receive or send any emails to my clients. There goes my income and it is not a small sum at the rate I have to reject many MNC projects. Even while you are reading this, I am still waiting for the Internet Service Provider (Maxis Broadband) to set their network problems right. Can you imagine majority of the subscribers could not even browse an international website or any websites with an international link?

What is the use of detecting fast access and yet I could not do anything online? I wondered why a big company like Maxis is reputable to provide good coverage but still have network problems most of the time. It is getting to be too ridiculous to pay for the monthly subscription for unlimited access and yet getting only a few hours of quality connection time daily. I guessed I might be thinking of other options soon but I have no ideas at all as all the local ISPs have many problems too. Even one of the best around does not provide facilities to residential or commercial areas. Anyone has any good suggestion?

The real reason of this post is to share some knowledge on my first connection problem. Even the best anti-virus and anti-spyware did not alert me on the silent intrusion. I had problems in getting advertisements by Nuffnang displayed properly in my websites or even log into their website. Even checking with the Nuffnang or Maxis technical teams did not solve the problem. They have 100% view of all advertisements in both my websites at their end. Installing and uninstalling the browsers and some programs did not help either. Without the help of my technical expert Azmeen, I did not know that there is such a thing as TROJAN DNS. This Trojan virus, spyware, malware or whatever you call it will not only slow down the system, it also redirects your IP requests all over to Timbuktu before coming back to your IP requests. In the end, I would rather sleep than to be online.

There are actually a few things I have found out that can help in speeding up the internet access as well as your computer. Firstly, get your anti-virus updated in real time. Secondly, you can read more in this forum on the Trojan DNS hijack. They will ask you to download a file named Fixwareout to run on your computer to solve the Trojan issue. It did help me and a few of my friends out in getting Nuffnang advertisements being displayed properly. Thirdly, over the months and years of computer usages, it will accumulate unnecessary junks and corrupted registry. This is another reason why your computer processing is performing like a snail. I have tried using CCleaner and it helps speed up things. You can try download the latest free cleaner at FileHippo website.

I do hope that my sharing here can help those people with slow access and processing problems. Do have a nice weekend ahead with your troubleshooting and faster browsing.

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