Tuesday, 22 January 2008




Papa Jonathan: 21 March 2007
Mama Jessica: 21 March 2007
Baby Janice: 3 January 2008 (2.37am)
Baby Jayson: 3 January 2008 (3.24am)
Baby Justin: 3 January 2008 (4.11am)

I could hardly imagine since the first time I have posted up on the birth of the kittens,
the triplets have grown up real fast in less than 20 days.
In fact, they have been walking clumsily all over the place exploring every corner of the room.
Jess has been really over protective of her kittens, “biting” them back into the kitten’s tray each time they ran out.
I guessed she will have a hard time chasing after the kittens when they can run around the house in the next couple of days.
Jon on the other hand is still having the post-birth “being father” phobia.
On and off he will pop in the kittens’ house to have a peep at them,
but will run away for his life each time one of the kittens tried to climb over him or come near him.
I did not post this up before but maybe you would like to have a look at the birth of Jayson, after Janice has been born almost an hour apart earlier.

Now you will understand how hard it is to get them together for a family photo but I did it (with many spoilt shots of course ~~~sweat~~)!
I will be posting up the growing up process of the triplets from time to time.
Do keep a watch out for updates.


Gattina said...

What a wonderful post ! What a cute little family and the video is very touching. I am happy you joined our little group, a big welcome ! and I hope from now on you will give us the opportunity to follow up the little kitten's development. I added you to the blogroll and I just published my post for COT so hop over and put your link in Mr. Linky so that the other members know that you participate.
That father cat is afraid of the kittens is normal, lol ! I always remember Arthur when he first saw tiny Rosie, he probably thought it was a rat ! He jumped back horrified and ran away. But three days later he played with her all the time.

Andrée said...

OMG how adorable and miraculous! You are so lucky to have these babies. I had a litter of kittens once (still have two of those babies, all grown men now!), and everybody should have that beautiful experience. I have to go back now and see all the kitten posts.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic photo! As soon as I saw it I wondered how you'd managed to get all the cats and kittens together like that - I can imagine that you did have lots of spoilt photos until you got that great one.

The kittens are just so cute, to see their little paws on the video, so tiny!

Deana said...

That first picture is so adorable and so Valentine appropriate that if I were the one judging my own contest I would say that could be the winner. That is just one of the sweetest things I've seen lately. (I am letting my little nephews and niece (10-2) pick their fave photos of cute pictures emailed to me for a contest).
I miss having kitty babies so much sometimes. They are one of life's greatest joys!

Luna said...

Welcome to COT.
That is a nice post.Cute!!! You are so lucky. I love kitten, Luzie had 4 kitten before 2 years. But they are grown so fast.I posted about last COT.
Now I go back to read the other posts.
Have nice day!

Mother of Invention said...

You are so lucky to have kittens to watch and play with! It will make your household an exciting place! Wish I could come over!

Kuanyin said...

What a gorgeous family! They look like they might be in the same cat clan as Anela by their markings. Happy COT!

Jazz said...

Beautiful kitties!! :)

claudie said...

What a nice video! I had several moms in my life but never the dad and it is very interesting to see how the father is with the kitties.
You have the chance to have the two around them!!! How it will adorable to see their evolution!

Celeste said...

I love the babies! Welcome to COT

michico*Adan said...

OahWowww... so so cute~~~~~
This is so wonderful~!!!!

Bell said...

That's sweet! You sure do love you kittens! ^_^

shooting star said...

nice pic!!!!..the kittens are too cute!!!

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