Monday, 21 January 2008



It was a typical day in the courthouse where there were many cases for Justice Toomuchtodo to handle. The whole place was in silence as the judge came into the courtroom. It was the case between Ms Iamsexy, a celebrity actress against paparazzi, Mr. Shootalot for intruding into her personal life. The hearing went on as below”

“How old are you, Ms Iamsexy?” asked the judge. She replied, “I am 30 years old your honor.” The judge double checked on her past record as she had another similar case few years back. With a puzzled look, the judge asked her, “How could you be of the same age as few years back?” Confidently the woman replied, “Your honor, I am a woman of principle and I would not change what I have said earlier in court!”

From the above short story, you would have known that it is hard to go against a woman especially when she has made a stand over what she had said earlier. It is even harder to get them to tell you their true age. It is one of the world’s greatest puzzles to understand them at times but without them, we would not be in this world. Woman has played an increasing amount of importance in our society. They will go all out to give their best in any tasks that were once given to men. That is the reason you see that in whatever job available in the market, they are the ones who will withstand any job pressures. Thus, you will see that in any organization, job turnover for women are far lesser than men.

As the saying, “man has his will but woman has her way.” What make a woman successful and confident in life? It is her wealth, kinship, procreation, virtue and of course beauty. In order to maintain their confidence in public, most women will not disclose their ages as it will tarnish their images and statuses to blend in with the men in the society. There is one thing that man has to learn about a woman: You must always remember her birthday but must never remember her age.

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Lasker said...

One day, women will take over the world!!!!!

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