Thursday, 3 January 2008



I do not think being a “mid-wife” could be of any fun at all. Now I am lacking in sleep and in my earlier post I was writing about the after effect of sleep disruption. Well, I do not mind at all as it was the first time I am seeing the process of a cat’s birth and helping out ought to be the responsibility of the pet owner.

I still remember vividly the first time when those two kittens followed me home on 10 June 2007. They are pampered ever since and I have not regretted bringing them into my humble home. Jonathan (Jon) is a natural poser. He has appeared frequently in my blog and photography posts. Jessica (Jess) on the other hand is a lovable and sentimental cat, bringing a lot of love and joy to the family. Surprisingly, I would not dream of having stray cats that are so cute, obedient, and toilet trained without having me to teach them what to do. Won’t you be surprise these two cats can do their business without being told in the toilet? The only thing they do not know is to flush their “business transactions” into the toilet bowl. LOL.


Jess finally gave birth to healthy triplets for the first time. That is the wonder of Friskies balance diet as she is now up and running around without any sign of any complications. Janice was the first to come out at 2.37am, followed by Jayson at 3.24am and Justin at 4.11am this morning. As usual, it is in a cat’s instinct that a mother would care for the babies with tender loving care. On the hand, Jon is still panicking right now being a first time Daddy, ignoring his duties as a father and running away at the first sight of Jess. He is such a typical tom cat!


These are shots of the triplets barely 5 hours since birth. They are so cute and fluffy but fragile now. I guessed I will handle them later when their eyes are open and jumping around like the phrase “as playful as a kitten”. This year is going to be a fun year for me with the kittens bringing in more joy and happiness into the family. What an auspicious day too as 3108 (San Yat Teng Fatt) in Cantonese means “Birth Day Sure Prosper”. Do try your luck too…haha.


Bell said...

Congrats on being a Grandparent!! Haha!! 2 boys and 1 girl eh? sweet! Good Luck, the weeks to come will really test your patience! But They will certainly bring much joy and activity to your surroundings! So Cute lah!!

Dexxie Rocks said...


y choose J?

but nice wei... jason's face so cute... haha...

angelinemiss said...

omg... CUTE CUTE CUTE gilaaaaa~ aldo i dont really adore meows la... but they're so cutee... :)

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