Monday, 11 June 2007


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Have you even experience walking along a dark or dimly lighted lanes and felt as if you were being followed by someone or something? Well, I experienced that two nights ago when I was walking home after a visit to my friend’s place in the neighbourhood.

It was drizzling that night and the weather was rather chilly. Wearing only a vest and shorts, I could feel the coldness creeping up my pants, hardening my balls, and screwing into my injured spine. How worst could it be to endure such pain from a previous accident? Moreover, it was stupid of me not bringing a jacket along.

Do you all want to know more about the accident which happen to me last year? Actually, the accident was rather bad. Bad in the sense that I rammed into a black dog while riding home on my big sized motorcycle. The bike was in a wreck with bits and pieces of the body scattering all over the road. I had blood oozing out from both my palms and my elbow. I was lucky that there were no cars behind me then.

Some passer-bys rushed to help me up from my bike, carrying me to the side of the road to allow the traffic to flow again. The first thing when I got up was to see if the dog was badly hurt but it was no where in sight. It just disappeared into thin air! They were stunned when I told them that I rammed onto a dog. I was very sober then to note that it was a black dog. The question was, “Where was that dog?” Gosh…it was eerie. Even a super dog would not have withstood that kind of impact.

From then onwards, I kept hearing the bark of a dog at night and thought to have seen dark shadow moving along the dark alley. Was it my imagination or was I been haunted by the ghost black dog? Only God knows about that.

Coming back to the topic I was mentioning about having the feeling of being followed, I thought I saw a black shadow from far away. My heart beat went berserk as I was increasing my pace to reach my house. Suddenly, I heard some hissing sound. I stopped and turned my head to see what I was. There was nothing. What I saw was a patch of darkness. As I was turning my head, I noticed two pairs of green fluorescent eyes staring at me at a corner. My hair began to stand on their ends. Cold sweat was flowing down from my forehead and my legs were trembling with fear.

I quickly got myself some courage and ran home without even staring behind. When I reached home and hastily opened my door, I saw the two pairs of green eyes followed me home. I closed my eyes and prayed silently to God to forgive my sins, to forgive me for killing that “black dog” last year. Suddenly, I felt something brushing against my legs. It was unbearable. I wanted to shout but no words came out from my voice box. In my mind, I heard myself shouting, “Help! Somebody please help me. I am cursed by the black dog!”

The fear subsided when I heard some purring coming from under me. Gosh…it was the most unforgettable moment of my life, scaring myself over those two small furry “things”. Those two pairs of green eyes turned out to be two kittens which followed me home. They are really cute. The pathetic look of their eyes can make you kiss them all night long. Here are some photos of my two newly found friends. The Grey one is a male, whereas the other is a female. While I was writing this article, I had the laugh of my life, feeling like a jerk for having such wild imaginations all the time. (Download the flash player here if you cannot view the swf file below)

They looked so pity without their mother by their sides. Should I adopt them?


zewt said...

so kittens are eerie creatures eh?

the dog you rammed could have flew to far away that's why you couldnt find it.

CRIZ LAI said...

zewt: they are not eerie...just that I think too much :P As for the dog, I rolled over it but I can't find the body.

piggy said...

You got me so kan cheong there just now, my imagination was running wild for a moment! LoL.

Wuching said...

make cat pie!

CRIZ LAI said...

piggy: i did it on purpose...haha

wuching: never heard of that before :P

janicepa said...

LOl.. u think too much lah ..

savante said...

Aiya! Really thought you got chased by demon black dog!

CRIZ LAI said...

janicepa: wild imagination is good for creative writing you know? :P

savante: Hi doc :) haha... it showed that you did read from the top of the article until the end, or else you won't be conned by me in believing that it was a ghost dog :P

Sweetpea said...

i don't do speed read one lar :) cannot view the pics??

CRIZ LAI said...

sweetpea: just settled your problem of not being able to view swf files. Just click and download the program. Do enjoy then :)

Bengbeng said...

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