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Handsome Romeo met his young wife, Juliet at a shopping mall. He was twenty one and she was eighteen. It was love at first sight. She was normal looking except for the facial cosmetics which are way overdone. There was something in her that made him in a trance. Was it lust or crave? He did not know as all he felt was as if a strong wind blew him over when he first saw her. Their parents knew that the romance for them will be against all odds as Romeo was the rascal in the neighborhood who jumped in and out of jobs without a steady income and Juliet was just a part time cosmetics salesgirl in a mall. They could not do anything as the two love birds were already too deep in love. They would not want the repetition of a suicidal incident as in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

After a year of courtship, they have decided to tie the knot without any celebrations or marriage certificate. It was based on mutual understanding. Romeo took out his life saving of $300 for their honeymoon. By the time they came back, they were left with a mere $30. Romeo assured Juliet that he would take care of her needs for the rest of her life. He deliberately worked two jobs a day, leaving his wife at home all the time. Months after months, all that he had earned was spent on his wife. He would buy the most delicious Western meals for her while he will only consume a bun.

This went on for the next one year and finally due to insufficient nutrients, he was gravely ill. He has no more savings left even to pay the doctor a visit. His wife has nothing left too since all the money she has taken was used to buy the cosmetics products for her beauty and the balance was used for room rental. Romeo was left helpless.

Feeling that her husband was no longer the money provider for her luxurious habits, Juliet left him and ran off with another guy. Romeo was heartbroken. All he did was to provide the best for his wife. He had stayed loyal to her and had never had any extra marital activities. What had happened to the love he once believed in? It was a healthy, strong and straightforward relationship but now all has changed. The once calm and beautiful lake was now filled with the ripples of life. Ripples from the sharp pointed stones thrown in. It hurt him deeply and getting over the breakup was not easy.

He has to lower his pride and seek the help from his parents. There is where the channel of undying love is and it will not cease until they no longer exist on earth. Marriage is not a game. Neither is love. And love does not necessary end up in a bed of roses. Unless you get all your career and life straighten out, do not ever commit in marrying someone without a steady financial status. Jumping into a relationship is easy but getting over a breakup will always leave a scar in your heart!

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MonkeyWong said...

Yup, don't even think of "taking care" of other if you couldn't even "look after" yourself! Nice post!

Jacquelyn said...

Good post! :)

SWei said...

a well written post indeed even though it's sponsored. you rock.

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