Friday, 30 November 2007



A dog has decided to go for a trip around the country to see whether the grass is greener over the other side. After a few months, he came back thinner and more stressful. His friends asked him, “Hey mute! Did you face any problems during the trip?” He replied, “I met many people and animals along the way. Some humans were kind enough to feed me food and water and provided me with a cozy place to stay. I managed to have quite a safe trip all the way except for one thing.” Another dog asked, “Except what?” “I tend to have problems with our own kind,” he said while sighing. “Not only did they not leave me alone. They barked at me, chased me and tried to bite me!” he continued.

That is a dog’s life and it has no differences compared to ours. The world we live in does not always cater for our likings. There could be no world or life without problems. To some, the sun, the rain and the wind could be a blessing. To others, it may be the reason behind their sensitive skin problems, weak body immune system against getting flu or even the cause for their rheumatism. Life is not perfectly good or bad for everyone. It is how an individual accept life as it is.

Coming back to the topic on mankind, everyone is born with a brain but why does everyone thinks so differently? Look at the people around the world. Nations grow and die out, empires arise and fall apart, mighty palaces are built but crumble in the dust. What a world we are living in! Mankind lives but afflicted by the ignorance of Mother Nature, draining and raping her of her limited resources. It is the greed for self benefits that ruin the world. Trust no longer exists as they are afraid of intrusion into their life and properties. Fears become brutality when threats are found. Hurting, stealing, raping, killing and murdering have become their second nature.

We have modified the environment so radically that we find it hard to live in it without co-exist our way of living into a newer environment. Greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth, envy and pride have injected their evil effects into our lives. Leading a moral life in our modern society is almost beyond our control. It is a war for the survivors of the fittest and mankind is left behind to fend for himself. This is the law of nature.

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