Saturday, 1 December 2007



For those iPod lovers, this new entertainment gadget is sure a hit. This iTunes Tagging enabled high definition radio (HD Radio) receiver allows you to listen to FM HD Radio stations through a ground antenna based digital version of FM & AM all around the USA. Most of the time when we hear a nice song being played on the air, we had problems trying to get hold of the title and purchase the song online. With the latest release of iPod docking stereo from Polk Audio, the I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 (Polk i-Sonic ES2), all you need to do is to hit the tag button. Then song’s information will then be saved into your iPod immediately.

Sounds easy right? The next time when you sync your iPod to your computer system, the track purchase feature will be shown. Just click purchase and the songs will be downloaded into your system without any hassle. The best thing about HD Radio is that you will receive pure crystal-clear digital sound from over 150 channels on your radio dial. Isn’t that better than most of your local radio station? Moreover it is free! You would not be charge a monthly subscription fees.

Keep a look out for more updates as many HD Radio stations are now broadcasting additional digital channels called HD2 and HD3. They are subscription-free too!


Kelly Malloy said...

That is so cool! I want one!

PapaJoneh said...

Alamak.. so damn cool. I heard about this but I never knew they have such good service.. especially on the iPod tagging this.
Thanks for sharing..

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