Saturday, 15 December 2007



Since the first moment the magic word of “yes” is uttered and the engagement is official, it is all systems go in planning for the big day. The exhilarating feeling will soon disappear as it would be replaced by sleepless nights worrying about all the preparations prior to the integral wedding reception, namely flowers, guests list, invitation cards, etc to bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts.

An engagement period of three to six months might not even be enough time for you to handle if you do not know where and how to get the things you will need for the wedding day. Cost is usually the consideration for this milestone in your life. Prioritizing your needs based on cost, necessity and practicality normally turns out to be the best way to cut cost, lend a sense of focus and yet still give you the perfect and personalized wedding.

The choosing of the date to tie the knot is just as important. Various considerations must also be taken such as one’s culture, finances, and even dates to enable relatives and guests from far and near to attend. Some might even choose dates like New Year Day, Valentine’s day, while others would want their Birthday to coincide with their happy day.

Since this is the celebration of the love between the two of you, dates, time, venue, size and style of the wedding should be compromised as one. As a couple, numerous details needed to be juggled which comprises the everlasting wedding rings, photography, video shooting, bridal wears for both, bridal make-up, wedding cars, dinner menu, business gifts and lastly not forgetting the getaway honeymoon.

Wedding bells are about to chime happily soon. So will you marry me now? Please say, “I do!”

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