Saturday, 15 December 2007



Even the sky has a question mark! It was born to be clear and unaffected by the change of climate. Eventually, mysterious dark clouds, swift scary wind, heavy acidic tears of the rain and the burning temper of the sun came. What has happened to the weather of yesteryears? Climate would not change in just a few days. It is due to the accumulation of abuses through the years that made it behaves this way.

So is the mind. The mind was created when we were born into this world. As part of the process of growing up, the mind was fed with countless of information. Whether the information is relevant to a person or not, it will somehow affect how a person thinks, behaves and reacts in this society.

The mind is a wonderful mechanism. It is always hungry for information and will never get enough of it. When there is no existence of a filtering system, it tends to end up with bottlenecks. As time goes by, it gets congested with problems and will explode in a matter of time. That’s life. When we do not have the guiding system to filter out the wrong views, principles, lifestyles, actions, and so on, we get even more confused mixing them with the right ones. We will get the wrong perspective of everything in our life. What might be right and we consider them wrong, vice versa.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Take everything with a pinch of salt.” In life, we have to behave this way. The mind will need time to filter the information analytically and systematically. Rushing to accept any information will not help the mind. It is like your computer system. When you do not filter out the programs you are installing, but simply download anything off any websites, your system will not function well. In the end, it will just crash. The same concept applies to your mind.

Take time to read more, understand situation well, and apply those information into your daily life, you will not go wrong. In this way, your mind will stay as clear as the skies of yesteryears.

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