Monday, 26 November 2007



Life can so wonderful when you have sweet memories of everything from your childhood days until you are an adult now. I can still remember that cheeky smile I had when I was small, sitting on the stairways with bald head and few teeth missing in front. That was cute. As I was growing up, memories of those outings with my former primary and secondary classmates were also unforgettable. We had picnics, BBQs and telematches by the beach with girls from other schools. It was fun. That is where my relationship started when I met my first love and grew closer towards her and her family.

Moving towards my life journey, I have countless fond memories of my college years. The whole “gang” of college students’ activities was awesome. There were countless of parties, projects and activities to keep me occupied during this time. I missed all that. I missed the graduation too. What a great achievement towards the first step to start my working life.

There were the sweet time in my career with many achievements and many promotion celebrations with my colleagues then. So many fond memories but so few spaces left to display all my photos of my life but I have no worries after finding out about LCD digital photo frame. Not only can I display all my photos, I can also display videos of all my unforgettable moments. The best part is that I can opt for the different screen size from 7” until 15” by plugging in only my USB flash drive. It will play directly from it.

No more strenuous wiping of dust. No more cluttering of space. It is the ultimate solution to have a futuristic display taking up only a corner of my table. What a great gadget this digital picture frame is!

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