Monday, 26 November 2007



Having pets at home are fun. There can be adorable and filled with love and gratitude. Sometimes, their way of showing their gratitude can be rather out of this world and shocking too. I have been sheltering two pussy cats, Jon and Jess at home for the past 8 months. They are a loving couple with lots of “cat”whoring skills.

They are truly being pampered to the extreme with food of the finest quality. In fact, they will eat just anything from cakes, ice cream, and bread to dog food. I was wondering if they were incarnated from dogs at times. On and off, I will get surprise gifts from them such as those shown below.


Just today, Jess gave me something out of the usual insect kingdom species. This is the first time that I manage to save the “victim” from being mauled to death. I ended up having an additional pet at home which required nursing to health before I can release it back to nature. Cats are cats. They are good stalkers just for the fun of it. I just hope they will not bring back “Mickey Mouse” as Christmas gift this time.


I just hope my new pet sparrow “Jay” will recover fast. I hate to keep birds in cages when they should be flying as freely in the sky. What else can I do? I cannot spank a pregnant cat which is playful. I just wished that her offspring would not be as cheeky as the parents. But knowing cats’ characteristics, I doubt it! I will have to be more cautious next time to avoid posing danger to another life.

Update: Unfortunately Jay could not stand the after-shock and died this morning. It is not even 12 hours yet. So sad ...

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Bell said...

Poor Jay... sad to hear that his/her time with you was so short.

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