Tuesday, 20 November 2007



Christmas is just around the corner and do you normally hold parties during this period of time? Well, if you do, let us look at some hassle free tips on getting the best out from the party. It is as easy as shouting out “A! B! C! D! E!” What are they?

A FOR ATMOSPHERE: You should set the right moods for the party. Choices of right music, right lightings, and non-stop flow of drinks are important. If you have the courage, dressing sexy and revealing are another options to boost the atmosphere. :P

B FOR BATHROOMS: Check your water pressure in your toilet prior to the party. Ensure that it is tuned to refill fast. You won’t want a long queue of crossed-legged guests, right? Place a few plastic buckets lined with garbage bags can be quite useful. You might not know what your guests might do with them. Haha!

C FOR CLEARING UP: Go get some rest after the party. Leave the clearing up for the next day. The next morning, open all the doors and windows to let the sun and fresh air in. It will get rid of whatever smell that got stuck in the house. Get big rubbish bags and throw all the junks into them. Dispose them immediately to the nearest dump. Please take note that precaution should be taken in avoiding throwing out the wrong items. Pets and in-laws should not be in the throw-out list. LOL.

D FOR DRINKS: Drinks play an important part in any party. Running out of drinks will kill the party. You might get some guests who will bring in a bottle of wine and expect that to last the whole night. Backup a few bottle of wine or a carton of beers in case those run out. Prepare lots of ice cubes and different types of soft drinks to ensure that your guests have the choices for their mixes.

E FOR EDIBLES: You do not have to worry about cooking up some exciting and out of the world kind of desserts. Just pour some peanuts and chips into small bowls and scattered them around. I am sure your guests will understand that you have done enough to entertain them to a sumptuous dinner.

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Bell said...

Good advice! But why can't in laws be in the "throw out" list?!! Haha! How about F & G (Fun and Games)?? Not included in your party list?

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