Tuesday, 20 November 2007



What really causes hair loss? Is it due to job stresses, acute diseases, imbalance of the hormone or wrong choice of food intake? In fact all the above does affect hair loss one way or another. Both men and women are not spared from losing hair at certain period of their life journey.

Generally, there are few factors that caused hair loss. The first two can be call Androgenetic Alopecia, meaning having a genetic predisposition to balding and having a higher level of androgens (male hormones). The third factor which might be taken into consideration is aging. A person as early as late teens might experience some hair loss. Most people tend to ignore the symptoms and as age progresses, hair loss becomes more obvious and uncontrollable.

My Uncle who was with the medical profession down in Florida was not spared too. Even a doctor could not escape from the generic factor. During his last trip here for a visit, I was in for a surprise. He was no longer bald and he got his hair back handsomely. I got to find out that he had hair transplant in south florida. He was telling me about how good and professional the medical teams of Dr. Shapiro were and how my Aunt loves him even more with more bushes around. I am still figuring out the message in between the line but these two 60 years old love birds really got me in stitches all the time.

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Bell said...

So are you gonna be booking yourself a flight to Florida when you become botak also? Haha!! I don't know much about hair transplants... but don't get hair plugs.. they look so OBVIOUS and AWFUL and FAKE!

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