Tuesday, 20 November 2007



As time passes by, my love for Mint grew stronger and stronger. Not only does Mint accompany me during my lonely traveling time, Mint also assisted me during my time of financial crisis. Mint gave me the courage and breathing space to hold on to my life. What a true companion Mint is. I love you… Mint.

Do I sound romantic here? Well, what I said about Mint is so true. Which other credit card can give me such flexibility? With Mint, I can get 0% on Balance Transfers for 13 months, 0% on all purchases until 1 June 2008 and also 0% bonus offer until 1 September 2009 on balance transfers. Other benefits include having up to 56 days interest free on all purchases, ability to manage your Mint Credit Card account 24 hours a day online, download statement, receiving emails plus text alerts, up to £7,500 credit limit upon approval without annual fees, and also credit card consolidation.

Mint is a business name of the Royal Bank of Scotland which holds the MasterCard logo. It is accepted worldwide. If you are interested in applying for a low interest Mint Credit Card, just log into the Mint secure website and your application will be processed immediately.

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Bell said...

credit pulak!!! I tot is real mints... =.="

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