Monday, 13 August 2007



Have you ever felt insulted by a general comment that made you get agitated and pissed off easily with the person who commented that statement? What made you react in such a way? Is it due to work overload, pressures, stress, worries, fatigue, etc or are you just too sensitive over the happenings surrounding you?

How would you react if a person continuously address you or everyone as “slut”, “playboy”, “jerk”, “weirdo”, “cheapo”, “sex maniac”, “bull”, “cow” or even “pig” although this is not the shown characteristics of the other? This may come as a joke in the beginning but if done continuously, the idea of the so-called nicknames or insults will get embedded in the minds of others. Is this fair to the “victims” by giving such verbal abuses? Are you being sensitive towards the feelings of others regardless of race, belief, religion or culture? Even a single will not accept being called a slut nor will he like to be termed as a playboy. Maybe some of you are not aware that certain animals are considered as sacred animals to a race while others are taboo even just to mention the name by itself.

A human mind is conceived with abnormalities and super sensitivity towards hearing, touch, sight, scent as well as thought. No one hear, feel, see, smells or think alike. To one, it may be a general statement, to another, a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death.

By nature, I must admit that I belong to the Highly Sensitive People (HSP). I manage my life by trusting and understanding this power of sensitivity. It is from here that I obtained the inspiration to generate love, kindness, compassion, patience, understandings and to share this wisdom with anyone who needed help. It may sound like a good gift but it has its side effect on being drained of own energy mentally and physically. I would not elaborate on this but you can check up the meaning of empath to get a clearer understanding.

Coming back to the topic of sensitivity, can the level of sensitivity be increased? The answer is “Yes”. Some believed that sensitivity is a natural born talent, which could be developed through the years. Others think that it is just empathy, which many factors in our present world discouraged us to do so. Some people do have this ability to “see” and understand things differently, but most people will just fake it. This gift comes with maturity and experiences to see life in different perspectives. Judgements and predictions are usually based on these life experiences. Some people will think that the person is weird but in actual situation which human is daring enough to confront his “true bad self” in a receptive way? I would not accept too unless I am prepare to open up and accept changes in life to equip myself better for the future.

Having an open mind and good listening power can be found commonly in a sensitive person. They tend to listen attentively, digest all the facts, recognized the keywords in a conversation before applying their “past experiences” and knowledge to the conversation. In short, it means messages get processed through the brains before coming out from the mouth. The ability of such person excels fairly well when it comes to identify certain keywords to brainstorm new ideas and articles to write in their blogs.

Sensitive people are also very observant in non-verbal communication such as body languages, gestures, speech frequencies and tones or even styles of writing articles. These unnoticed communication modes will determine the happiness, sadness or even motives of a person. They are always mentally alert within the environment they are in.

Maybe some of you would like to find out how sensitive you are towards another person. Try out the sensitivity test to find out more about yourself. You could even try out my personality test to know who you are too.


Annabel said...

I'll probably take a look at that sensitivity test later to see if I'm right about myself. I consider myself to be quite a sensitive person, but I'm also patient and very tolerant. I guess I'm expressive when I'm happy but have a tendency to bottle up when sad... even though I know it's unhealthy. I'm sure this post is gonna be a real eye opener for a lot of your readers :)

savante said...

Now you've made me curious where you found such a rude idiot who goes around calling people names! :O

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