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“Women who are themselves fraternal twins have a 10% chance of producing twins. Identical twin women have only a 0.6% probability of having a twin birth. Once a woman conceives twins, she has a 5% (that's one in twenty) chance of having twins again. There are no interesting parallels to these percentages among dads! A man who is a twin has the same probability of fathering twins as any other man.”

I just love the highlighted statement. I should be asking PapaJoneh on his next planning later when he is not in such a hectic and panicky situation being a new papa all over again. Hehehe… In his latest post “I am PapaBoys X3 now”, he now has his 3 years old son, Josh and his two newly born identical twins, Preston and Presley. These two healthy 2.3kg twins were born on 10 August 2007 in the wee hours of the day. Even though the twins were just 33 weeks old (7 weeks ahead of the expected delivery date), the delivery went on smoothly. The mother and twins are now resting comfortably at home. Here is the “stolen” photo of Josh, Preston and Presley. They are cute, right?

PapaJoneh’s 3 Sons

Well, congratulations PapaJoneh on your newly born twins! For those who wish to leave a message, especially the Shouters, drop by PapaJoneh’s website and give him your “love messages”. Just make sure you do not leave him messages like, “Hey, you have your hands full now!” or maybe “Gosh…you have double trouble now!” or even “Whoa…I can see more gray hairs on you head now!” Hahaha…just joking there PapaJoneh :)


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Aaaww the kitty cat is so cute at your top banner!! Meow meow!!!

Wow twins!! I don't think I ever want to have twins... paying for college fees at the same time is whacko! Gonna cost me and my future hubby a bomb...

Hey I like to plan my future properly! Hehehe!

papajoneh said...

Thanks Criz for the post. Today my working day..so i try to blog hop and return the favours.

I am sorry i think this is the first time, i have no idea what to comment. Just appreciation for the acknowledgement on my new babies. Thanks and thanks again. You can ask me later about whatever question about the twins thru messenger ok :)

To nastasshea above, i have to comment on the "I don't think I ever want to have twins ..." statement. I think you gonna have twins for sure by saying that. :D
You the first one to said that and I believe your future hubby also wants twins ... unless during your dating you already set the rule for him not to have twins. Even after that, you have no control. Once you pregnant with twins, thats it. Unless, u do some miracle operation to "ONLY ONE" child.. that probably be interesting. :)
But of course, it is your choice, sorry to comment on yer statement above.. we friend again :D

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