Tuesday, 28 August 2007



Beyond the horizon,
Clouds gathered quickly,
Sun hidden permanently.
Darkness seeped in,
Gloomy as it can be.

Thunder boomed noisily,
Lightning struck angrily,
Rain hit the ground furiously,
As if God has saddened,
From up above the changing sky.

Once strong and robust,
Now shrunken to mere skins and bones.
Stricken by illness physically and mentally,
Lies the body of a young suffering child,
Awaiting death knocking at the door.

Life had been sweet,
Even sweeter than the honey,
But life had been filled with so much suffering,
That we end up confusingly asking,
Why must it hit us so hard with such a brutal blow?

Staring blankly upon the sky,
I asked myself about my time and destiny.
How far more can I continue my journey?
No one knows neither do I,
I’ll just drift along with nature’s clouds as long as I can.

Note: In memory of my friend’s son, Ian (March 1993 – August 2007) who had lost his battle against brain tumor recently.


-R·K- said...

That's so sad to hear about your friend's son.

May Ian rest in peace. Don't be too down, all of us have our journeys ahead. We should make the best out of it while we can :)

papajoneh said...

sad so sad my friend. Life's really cruel. why most of the time, if not always, the good people go first. Especially kids... send my warmest condolence to your friend.

I miss u criz... how are you?

waichee said...

my condolences to your friend and may Ian rest in peace..God loves him more than we do...

take care...


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