Thursday, 30 August 2007



“How’s the weather?” Have you ever heard of people using this statement? It may just mean whether the sky is clear, bright and sunny, dark and gloomy, dark but filled with stars and moon, chilly until shivering, thunderstorm’s coming, hurricane going to sweep through, or even an upcoming tornado. In actual fact, it does not mean that way most of the time. What does it mean then? It just means that a person is trying to find out the moods of another person, mostly bosses. Moods in this case are just as unpredictable as the weather. It swings from good to bad and vice versa.

In our lives, we have good days and bad days throughout the years. There are days where we are full of energy and thinking rationally will be smooth flowing. What will happen when those days were bad, meaning that whatever job one handled will end up in wrecks? Bad moods seeped in and whoever in the path will end up in a war. Different people have different feelings, and it is usually these feelings that sparked off the good or bad moods. Moods are very dramatic and changes unpredictably. They have negative impacts on a person’s ability to get along well with another and to function properly in his daily affairs.

Ever wonder what causes these mood swings? Many people say that it is due to work stress. After a hard day’s work, one tends to be too tired and simple fault in the family will trigger their anger or patience. People who are under extreme stress may experience more moodiness than normal. They felt out of control because of these extreme moods.

Loneliness might be another reason too. One may have the inferior complex that the whole world is against him and let him be all alone. These people have the perception that no one care, love and listen to them anymore. They expect people to accompany them all the time. If someone rejected them, they will feel so down and emotional to think rationally.

Drug and alcohol abuse are also reasons for unstable moods. Taking drugs other than prescript drugs by medical personnel is definitely a no. Drugs not only wear out the body physically, it also affects the mind in noting reality. Moods of a drug user can change drastically from an emotional person to a brutal murderer. Limit the consumption of alcohol as well. Some will say, “Alcohol can really drown your sorrow and loneliness” but what they do not realized is that alcohol can kill the body and mind too.

Physical and health problems can also affect the moods. Sometimes, a sick or a handicapped person will think that God is so unfair to make them this way. These people have poor anger management. They can get emotional easily.

Environment and childhood experiences also cause this mood disorder. Certain trauma or abuse during childhood such as parental divorce, continuous criticism, abandonment when young, verbal, physical and sexual abuses are partly blamed for the mood swings. These moods have been dormant so some time until some external forces, pressures or stressors caused them to erupt uncontrollably.

Is there any way one can control these bad moods? Well, there are no concrete ways one can control something that cannot be seen on the surface but there are ways on how to suppress these bad moods. Moods are contagious and would you want to contaminate others with your bad moods? If not, then let us study some basic steps below.

- To realize that you cannot help being depressed or anxious as you like. It is beyond your control and you are not at fault.

- To discover the root of your mood swings and try to eradicate them immediately. You can seek the help of professionals or in the comfort of a close friend. Spit it out and you will feel more stress-free.

- To identify the source of your moody problems. Are they from your childhood or are they from the environment you are in now? Go into detailed scenario and identify which part of it triggered your inner self to be depressed, anxious and being emotionally aggressive. Sometimes, these moods can be triggered by the feelings, actions and behaviors of people surrounding us as it depict who we are.

- To find a solution to avoid these little triggers. Keeping mum and not trying hard to express what you think or how you feel would not help you at all. Nobody can read what you think or experience how you feel if you do not tell them. Openness and directness will soothe your moodiness. Stop giving excuses that others will know by seeing your drastic change of moods. Well, nobody will!

- You cannot do this alone by yourself. You will always need the help of family and friends. We are social animals and by observing and reacting to others, we learn up many things for our self development. Moods cannot always be controlled but somehow by changing our approach in our relationships with others will help us. We need to stay calm in any situation and think positively before condemning any aspects of our lives. By doing this, we can learn to be the person we were meant to be…a happier person.


Bell said...

Criz ah... you're in the wrong line of work ler... should be a shrink! So full of advice, and always listening to people's problems... It's good to see so much advice on your blog.

conan_cat said...

well my weather is pretty predictable... sunny most of the time, if any wind blows from somewhere i'll get cloudy, and if i kena thunder then sure rain lor... haha.

another informative post as usual from you :P

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