Wednesday, 22 August 2007



They are simply too delicious whether boiled, steamed, grilled, stir fry or even deep fried in tempura flour. Unfortunately, I am not here to talk about food today. What I am looking here are the Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs). I am just going to give you a brief of what these devices can do.


SQUIDs have been used to detect minute bio-magnetic fields in the body, including those from energy practitioners (Oschman 1998). Researchers at the Institute of HearthMath have discovered that electromagnetic fields generated by the heart act as a synchronizing signal for the entire body. In addition, the magnetic portion of the heart’s field is five thousand limes greater than that of the brain and can be measured several meters away using a SQUID magnetometer.

These experiments also suggest that the electromagnetic energy of the heart can be exchanged between people who are close to each other or touching (McCraty 1998), (McCraty 2004).

So, what are you all waiting now? Give your beloved ones some hugs now.

A hug is meant to cheer you when you are blue,
It also means “I Love You” …oh so true.
It can soothe heart pains,
And never let them surface again.
Open those arms today,

And give someone a hug without any delay!

Criz Lai


Bell said...

*HUGZ* I give you lots of hugs!!! ^_^

conan_cat said...

awww~ hehe so that's the main point of the post :P oh yeah come come lets hug!! bring ur kitties along too and i'll ask my piggies to hug them well~~ i promise they won't bite~~

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

ah... I jus love those squids... the food of cos! lol... hugs? sure, jus don't ask me to hug the squids! lol...

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