Thursday, 23 August 2007



What do you understand by the meaning of disillusionment? It means intellectually deceived or misled as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature. What has disillusionment got to do with our lives? Well, there are many things in our lives that are blinded by certain unseen internal and external forces. We tend to get affected by these forces that we do not “see” things as they should be.

For the case of a relationship, there are always the disillusions. We are always blinded by love during courtship to notice those little things that may lead us to unhappiness afterwards. It is the expectation of perfection. We expect that a relationship would be filled with never ending of romance, happiness, togetherness, care and love. How often does this really become a reality? Most of the times, it leads to disappointment.

In a relationship, there should be the awareness of each others’ needs and wants. A man might have just some simple basic needs such as coming home to a lovely meal and a soft wet kiss whereas a woman’s needs might be more. She requires the attention, warmth, comfort and security of the other. Disputes do happen most of the times as those needs are usually never being fulfilled. Bit by bit, these disappointments built resentments that could lead to an unhappy relationship. Be open, talk it out and discuss these disappointments between each other and the frictions in the relationship will be lessen. Hearing and discussing each others’ views has always been the best solution in any relationships.

Other than that, there are the disillusionments on big organizations. Many people picture big organizations as places which can provide good job opportunities and career advancements. What they do not know is that as a company gets bigger, there will more people under the pillars of the organization. Each person will try to fight their way up the corporate ladder. Thus, there will be never ending of office politics such as disputes, gossips, grapevines, backstabbing, favoritism, shrewdness and so on. Therefore, most of the time, the level of job satisfactions and happiness are never up to their expectations. Big organizations are places for survivals of the fittest and inactive players are usually thrown out. For those who are familiarized with the evil of these games will normally choose a more low profile organization to work in. Welcome to the working world!

Now let us look into other disillusionments that may occur within the blogosphere. A lot of people thought that by blogging, writing paid posts or relying on paid adverts, they will grow rich fast and retire happily at home. These are for sure disillusionments for many. What some people do not realize is that without determination, persistent, consistent, commitment and responsibility, one will only gain peanuts. By sitting down and dreaming away would not help at all. Do you think those Blog Gurus just sat down there and did nothing? A tree will not flower and bear fruits well if the ground is not properly fertilized. It is through their sheer hard work and those abovementioned values that they are where they are today. On top of these, they do spend some time on researching how to maximize their sites as well as improve their page ranks.

There is still much disillusionment our lives. Do you have something which you would like to add onto the list? Do share it out here.


gracieq said...

Disillusions in a family. You hope and wish that your family is perfect all the time and you have certain expectations towards your parents or other members of the family. But nobody's perfect.

Bengbeng said...

Criz! This is great stuff. If i could only write like this :(

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